Blue Monday. Not the New Order smash hit but apparently one of the most depressing days of the year. This year falls on 17th January.

Post Christmas blues, cold dark nights, resolutions not being met – whatever the reason, consumers are feeling sad.

So why not cheer up your audiences with a little nod to chasing the blues away. You could entice with retail therapy, or deliver great content to add a little cheer and even signposting or partner with mental health organisations to give that additional support. Being mindful of the wellbeing of your audiences has never been so important.

Here’s 6 Blue Monday email marketing campaigns from last year to give you a little last minute inspiration.


Exclusive Collection

Why we love this – Who doesn’t want to take a break away from the day to day to escape for a while. Research has shown just even the act of booking a break away can release endorphins to cheer us up.




Why we love this – We love this partnership that schuh have committed to. It’s not about selling a product for schuh, its about giving back to their community who may be in need of support.


Holland & Barratt

Why we love this – Holland & Barratt are a well known high street health brand. It totally makes sense that they should campaign around this particular date.


Aromatherapy Associates

Why we love this – Again Aromatherapy Associates are well known mood enhancers and a 50% well being sale really makes their products more accessible to more people.



Why we love this – There are key dates in the marketing diary for all industries not just travel and ecommerce. What ever your audience there are times where it is very relevant to address the general tone of the population.



Why we love this – Who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy? Within reason and means it has been well documented that spending time and a little hard earned cash on some self care increases happiness.

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