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Skip the lines and save some time With KKBESTPACK Half Sheet Printable Labels you can buy exact postage for your ecommerce shipments, affix the label in seconds, and leave it for your courier to pick up – all from the convenience of your home or office. Specially designed printable sticker paper is the same size as the standard printer paper that your inkjet or laser printer uses so you never have to reconfigure settings or paper guides. Each label measures 8.5″ x 5.5″, so there are 2 labels per sheet for a total of 200 labels. Simplify shipment preparation KKBESTPACK Mailing Labels are pre-scored so there is no cutting necessary. They adhere firmly to all types of surfaces including cardboard, paper and plastic so that your parcel will not become lost due to a missing address label. Bright-white label paper boasts a matte finish that is easy to read, smudge-proof and scanner-friendly. Simply peel the printed label from its backing, position it on the package and press lightly from one side to the other. Your KKBESTPACK Half-Sheet Label will look professional and stay the course. Essential mailing supplies Designed specifically so they will not bind in your printer, Affixed over other shipping labels, they allow you to reuse shipping boxes and manila envelopes without tell-tale bleed-through, making your operation more cost-effective. Print adhesive mailing labels right from your computer. Add KKBESTPACK Half Sheet Shipping Label Paper to your shipping supplies today.
SHIP WITH CONFIDENCE when you affix KKBESTPACK Half Sheet Labels to cardboard boxes and oversized envelopes. they allow you to print pre-paid shipping with your inkjet or laser printer and skip the lines at the post office.
8.5” X 11” SHEETS of adhesive printer paper accommodate standard paper settings on your printer. Each sheet is pre-scored with 2 half sheet labels per page. You can use just 1 label from the sheet and retain the unused portion of the page to print more shipping on another day.
SPECIALLY DESIGNED for inkjet and laser printers, these thin sheets are suitable for use in common home printers without causing paper jams. Once out of the printer, bend the sheet slightly at the corner to peel the label from the backing. Then affix the label to the parcel.
STRONG ADHESIVE BACKING resists peeling, tearing or slipping. KKBESTPACK Shipping Label Paper adheres to cardboard, cardstock, paper, glass and laminate. Forgo the time and hassle of printing postage on standard paper and taping it to the box.
EASY-READ MATTE FINISH makes it easy for couriers to scan your labels upon pick-up. Smudge-proof and non-yellowing, these versatile half-sheet address labels can also be written on with ballpoint pen and permanent marker to create impromptu signage and warning labels.