A woman is in bed scrolling on her phone.

Possibly you’ve damaged your doom-scrolling behavior, and if that’s the case, good for you. A few of us, nevertheless, are nonetheless responsible. However there is perhaps a strategy to get all the information you want with out diving right into a pit of despair.

When you’re a doom-scroller, the chunking technique may assist maintain the behavior underneath management whereas enhancing your psychological well being and permitting you to remain up-to-date on information.

The chunking method is just about what it appears like. You’ll “chunk” your information consumption into timed periods. The advice is to create two chunks of time of 10-Quarter-hour within the morning and at night time. Compensate for what occurred in a single day within the morning, and on the finish of the day see what missed whereas at work. As soon as your time is up, stop scrolling.

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Clearly, implementing the chunking technique goes to take some willpower. You’ll want to have the ability to resist scrolling exterior of your chunks, and there’s some main incentive to take action.

Sabrina Romanoff, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist, spoke with Well+Good relating to this behavior change and defined that doom-scrolling could make your sympathetic nervous symptom do double time sending you into struggle or flight and spiking stress hormones that disrupt sleep. Whenever you set an intention to solely devour a finite quantity of stories through the chunking technique, you need to be capable of regulate your stress ranges—at the least on the subject of processing mentioned information.

If you end up endlessly scrolling in your cellphone in mattress or hitting snooze a couple of further occasions to examine Twitter, implementing the chunking technique may assist you really feel extra in management and fewer pressured.

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