Former US House of Representatives candidate, January Walker, stated that a possible settlement would be detrimental to Web3 and the whole world. The crypto chain has reacted to the legal dispute between Ripple Labs with the US SEC, which has been the subject of persistent rumors that it is nearing its conclusion.

In a query session with Charles Hoskinson, Cardano founder, rumors were shared that the incident could be resolved on 15th December.  He later reaffirmed that this was only widely speculated and that it wasn’t believed to be real. Speculation is rampant about a prospective settlement as sooner as 15th December. In the meantime, Cointelegraph has also learned that the claims are untrue.

Diverse Views On Ripple’s Case In The Crypto Market

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Although this is the case, there’s still more discussion to be had regarding what a resolution would entail for Ripple and the larger crypto sector. January Walker, who supported the crypto market, Tweeted on December 12th that a negative judgment from Ripple could be a universal loss and WEB3.

Gokhshtein Media founder David Gokhshtein stated on Twitter that Ripple ought to prevail in this case rather than simply agreeing to a settlement. Hoskinson added during the question-and-answer period that a settlement might have disastrous ramifications for the sector in any direction.

Jeremy Hogan, a crypto lawyer, thinks there are a number of potential outcomes. Hogan stated that he believed Ripple had about a 50% chance of winning in a video posted to YouTube on December 10 but that there was a 110.6% probability of anything happening shortly. As per the lawyer, the possible explanation for Ripple’s victory would be that it had no legal responsibility to purchasers of XRP after the sale transpired and no post-sale responsibilities.

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