How much does cost? Is there any special discount? Or Which plan should you go for?

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In this post, we’ll cover pricing in detail and by the end of it, you will be ready to make a wise decision about how much should you need to spend on plans.

Quick note: Did you know when you visit the Pricing page, there is no special discount mentioned? But there is a hidden discount which we are gonna REVEAL today!


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What is [Quick Intro] is a robust drag & drop based mobile app builder developed by Dan Harvey. Well, it is specially designed for creators, online coaches & trainers who have amazing skills and want to share with the world but failed just because they don’t know how to build a mobile app.

Over 7500+ creators have already built their app through and earn FIVE FIGURES INCOME every month. [Rated 4.7 on TrustPilot].

passion io trustpilot

Here are the primary BENEFITS that you will get by subscribing to

  • SAVE  a huge amount of money: Avoid paying higher fees to app developers ($30-$120/hour) and instead pay a fixed amount for the app builder.
  • Drag & Drop Based System: Build app without coding (No coding skills – No problem!)
  • Smart Templates: Start with ready-made app templates, upload content, and you’re good to go.
  • Convert Better: With the help of recurring charges & Marketing tools (app sales funnels, upsell journeys, etc) – your revenue and conversation rates will rise quickly.
  • Ultimate Learning Experience: Features like Live Streaming, Drip Content, Interactive communities & Group challenges, Push Notifications, etc help instructors to deliver a true learning experience.

So those who don’t have a clue about should be informed now.

Now we’ll explore Passion io pricing and plans to see which one is right for you.

Are you ready? Pricing Plans: Pro OR Ultimate OR UltimatePlus [Side by Side Comparison]

Quick note: The “Special Discount” is hidden in this section. Plans Pro Plan Ultimate Plan UltimatePlus Plan
Annual Plans $79/mo (Save $216) $239/mo (Save $696) Custom Pricing
Monthly Plans $97/mo $297/mo Custom Pricing
Lifetime Plans N/A N/A N/A
App Ownership
iOS & Android App
Offline/Download Mode
Progress Tracking
Push Notifications 1000/month Unlimited Unlimited
Live Streaming
Custom Branding X
Community Builder X
Drip Content X
No of Subscribers 100 Unlimited Unlimited
No of Videos 100 Unlimited Unlimited
30-day Expert Unleashed Challenge
PassionFighter FB Community
Email & Live Chat Support
Expert Freedom Training X
Onboarding Calls X
APP Creation For You X X
Weekly Marketing & Sales Training Calls X X
Phone Support X X
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Payment Processing Fee 3.9% (Passion Payments) 0% Fee with External Checkouts 0% Fee with External Checkouts
Free Trial X X
Special Discount X $79/mo$297 X
Start Now is offering three plans available as a monthly or yearly basis:

  • Pro (Most Popular, Free Trial is there)
  • Ultimate (Offers More Value, A Special discount is available)
  • UltimatePlus (Let team create your app)

Let’s take a closer look at these three plans, which will help you understand them better. pricing

Quick note: In all plans, The creator will get his/her own branded app which is 100% compatible for Play Store & App Store.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan of is the cheapest one which you can grab for just $79/mo (billed annually) or $97/mo (billed monthly). Being cheap doesn’t give you a feel that it lacks something. In fact, The Pro plan has everything you need for building an amazing app for your service.

Annual billing will SAVE you $216/year, so it is recommended to buy an annual Pro plan instead of a monthly one.

What’s Inside the Pro Plan?

Following amazing features can be seen in the “Pro” plan:

  • Great Accessibility: The final version of the app can be accessed through mobile apps (Android, iOS) as well as through progressive web apps (PWA).
  • Pricing Flexibility: The app subscription charges can be set either as a one-time or as a recurring charge.
  • Go Freemium: You can offer free trials or offer app content completely free to customers.
  • Go Live: Live streaming to interact with customers is another benefit here.
  • Go Offline: An option of Offline Downloads would be given to the users.
  • Progress Tracking: Allow users to track their course completion progress.
  • Support Options: Plenty of support options are there: Email, Live Chat, PassionFighter community & onboarding video tutorials.
  • Other Essential Features: Push notification, Gamification, and integration with 100’s apps & services.
Quick note: offers a free 14 days trial only on Pro plan. You can start with today without investing a single cent. Yes, you heard right – Zero payment is there.
passion io free trial available for pro plan

It’s easy to try for free. Just visit free trial page, choose a pro plan billing, and complete the basic form. You’re all set!

Who Should Go for the Pro Plan?

Well, the Pro plan is the perfect plan for:

  • Those who want to start with a low budget
  • Those who have plans to release app content all at once
  • Those whose requirement is less (Subscribers: 100, Videos: 100, Push Notifications: 1000/month)

Pros and Cons of the Pro Plan


  • Creators can save more money ($216/year) by choosing the Pro plan with ANNUAL billing.
  • Budget friendly plan specially designed for creators or instructors who are new to eLearning.
  • 100 Videos are enough for most of the new creators.
  • As the subscriber base grows, Instructors can always upgrade their plan.
  • The benefit of 14 days free trial + 30 days money back guarantee is available for Pro plan users.
  • Live chat support is one of the BIG perks of this plan.


  • The plan will fail if instructors have plans to add more than 100 video lessons to its curriculum.
  • Drip Content – An essential marketing feature is missing.
  • The community builder tool is absent too.
  • 3.9% payment processing fees.

Ultimate Plan

Quick note: Scroll down a bit, the special discount on the Ultimate plan is waiting for you!

Ultimate Plan offers BEST VALUE, says’s thousands of existing customers. 

We should agree with this because the Ultimate plan solves the major problems instructors were facing in the Pro plan: “Problem of Processing fees” and “Problem of restriction on videos & subscribers count”.

Similar to the Pro plan, The Ultimate plan is also available as Monthly ($297/mo) and Annual ($239/mo) Billing. Grab an annual plan and save $696/year.

What’s Inside the Ultimate Plan?

Everything inside the Pro plan, Plus:

  • Community Builder Tool: A needy feature to enable interaction with subscribers all together – Engage, Resolve & Improve.
  • Drip Content Feature: This allows you to release content bit by bit.
  • No Restrictions: Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Videos, and Unlimited Push Notifications.
  • Support for External Checkouts: Yes, no more payment processing fees!

Who Should Go for the Ultimate Plan?

Grab the Ultimate plan right now if you want access to all of the features of and when you want no restrictions on your subscription count or video count.

Pros and Cons of the Ultimate Plan


  • Savings of $696 is possible only because of annual billing on the Ultimate plan.
  • branding is gone now. You’ll have your own custom branded app
  • By eliminating the restrictions on video count, Instructors can now upload unlimited course lessons.
  • 3 Onboarding calls & access to “Expert Freedom” training are provided.
  • Instructors are now able to set up external checkouts to receive payments
  • A 30 days money guarantee is valid here too.


  • The Ultimate plan should also be available with a lifetime billing option. Special Discount on Ultimate Plan

No, it’s not about $696 Annual Savings (We already mentioned this!)

So what’s this other special discount?

Well, it’s all about Black Friday offer. is offering a flat 70% off on the Ultimate Plan – Meaning you will get an Ultimate Plan in the pricing of Pro plan ($79/Month, Not $297/month).

Huge Saving, Isn’t it? [Free Bonuses – Worth $8,794] is also included in this special Black Friday deal.

passion io black friday black friday

Quick note: As we all know, the Black Friday sale for this year has already ended; this special deal could also expire in the next hour. So it’s time to act now!

Quick note: Try risk free. 30 days money back guarantee is applicable on both Pro as well as Ultimiate Plan users. To request a refund, you can mail them any time: [email protected]
passion io money back guarantee

UltimatePlus Plan

“Can you guys build an app for me?” – This is what this plan is all about.

Apply for UltimatePlus plan, if you don’t want to build an app by yourself. By doing this, you will be more focused on the content creation part.

The team will work for you and build an amazing app as per your requirement in just 30 Days!. ultimate plus plan

To get started, you will need to apply for UltimatePlus Plan. When you do, they will contact you and ask for details about your app needs. Finally, they will determine the best price for your mobile app.

What Next?
So you have finalized the Plan? Now, what would you do? In case you are looking for the demo or onboarding process, here you go:

FAQs About Passion io Pricing

How much does cost? How many plans are available? plans start from just $79 per month. There are three plans available as monthly and yearly options.

Does offer a free trial?

Yes. 14 day free trial can be claimed on the Pro plan.

Does offer a refund?

Within 30 days of purchase, you can ask for a refund by mailing the team: [email protected]

Does offer lifetime plans?

Can I get a discount on pricing?

By getting a yearly subscription, you can save up to $696/year. Other than this, you can get 70% Off on the Ultimate plan during this running Black Friday deal.

Can I pay pricing in installments?

We do not find any “installment” related benefits on the website. However, for a better answer, you can consult this with the support team.

How to contact in case of sales queries?

You can use the website live chat widget situated at the right corner to directly have a conversation with the sales team. Plus direct email: [email protected] is also available for clearing up queries.

Has anyone built a mobile app through mobile app maker? has been used by more than 7500+ creators (Earning FIVE figures). You can go through their case studies to learn more about their experience with

Final Words on Pricing

Are you ready to earn FIVE Figures income? Well, selling your expertise without a mobile app is the biggest mistake you could possibly make as an instructor or coach.

We hope we’d be a great help in making a final decision on mobile APP MAKER pricing.

Seems like, the eLearning industry is powered with rocket fuel and hence growing like Crazy! As per the report of Statista, the LMS industry is looking to surpass 400 Billion in 2026.

So, it’s NOW or NEVER. 

Start with a ultimate plan [70% Off Black Friday Sale] and start building an amazing app through this simple easy to use mobile app builder.

Or if you aren’t sure, Activate the free 14 days trial.

If you still have queries about Pricing, ping us in the comments!

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