an image of the iOS 16.2 update prompt on an iPhone.
Andrew Heinzman / Review Geek, Apple

Available today, the iOS 16.2 unlocks an Advanced Data Protection mode for your iCloud storage. This optional setting expands iCloud’s use of End-to-End Encryption, providing increased security for device and message backups, notes, photos, Safari bookmarks, and more.

This is the exact thing you’ll need in the event of a data breach. With End-to-End Encryption, your iCloud data can only be decrypted on trusted devices. Note that Advanced Data Protection requires an account recovery method in case you lose access to your account.

Additionally, iOS 16.2 includes Apple Music Sing, a karaoke tool that’s integrated directly in Apple’s music player. Assuming that you own a compatible device, you can sing along to your favorite songs (or perform a duet with a friend) while adjusting the song’s original vocal level.

The update also improves HomeKit’s architecture, likely to streamline Matter implementation. As you may know, the Matter standard promises to make all smart home devices compatible regardless of their branding. (Unfortunately, Matter’s rollout is very slow and rocky.)

To manually install the iOS 16.2 update, open your iPhone’s Settings and navigate to “General.” You’ll see an option titled “Software Update.” Tap it to see if the update is available for your device—rollout may take a few days, mind you.

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