Google is making it easy to switch to data-driven attribution for Google Ads campaigns and letting advertisers see how it will impact campaigns before switching.

Data-driven attribution is the most-used and default attribution for Google Ads campaigns. However, advertisers may be hesitant to change their preferred attribution model due to uncertainty about how it will affect performance.

In a blog post, Google advocates for switching to data-driven attribution, saying advertisers typically experience an increase in conversions compared to their current attribution model:

“Advertisers who switch to data-driven attribution from another attribution model typically see a 6% average increase in conversions. With data-driven attribution, machine learning algorithms assign fractional credit to customer touch points which may have previously been undervalued. Smart Bidding can then react to these opportunities, resulting in performance gains.”

To help more advertisers see similar performance gains, Google is bringing more transparency to how data-driven attribution will impact accounts.

Google is introducing a new tool that will give advertisers a clearer understanding of the effects of data-driven attribution before switching to it. The tool is designed to help advertisers feel more confident about switching attribution models.

Data-Driven Attribution Simulation Tool

Google is launching a new tool to simulate how automatic bidding would have reacted to data-driven attribution over the past seven days.

Advertisers can use this tool to see how data-driven attribution will impact their accounts before giving up their current attribution model.

Google’s blog post continues:

“As with any account change, knowing what to expect is key. That’s why we will soon be launching a simulation tool to eligible advertisers that will allow you to see how automated bidding would have reacted to data-driven attribution over the last 7 days. This will help you understand the effects of data-driven attribution on your account before making the switch.”

Data-Driven Attribution For More Ad Types

Google is expanding data-driven attribution to more types of ads, starting with app conversions and later adding support to Discovery ads:

“Lastly, we’re continuing to bring data-driven attribution to more advertisers and more ad types. Historically, data-driven attribution has supported Search, Shopping, Display and YouTube ads. We are expanding our support to app conversions and will begin supporting Discovery formats (including those in Performance Max) next year.

We are committed to helping you more accurately measure your campaign goals, and to give you the tools you need to succeed. With continued advancements in machine learning and automation, you can feel more confident using data-driven attribution to deliver positive marketing results.”

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