Email Marketing or Social Media – Which Is Better?

Email Marketing or Social Media - Which Is Better?As we hear from business owners around the world, they seem to have the same question:  Email Marketing or Social Media – Which Is Better? They’re both great options and should both be used wisely. This article digs in to the differences and how to use them together.

Here at TrafficWave, we use social media quite a bit. We are constantly posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and we are even starting to have some fun with TikTok. (Sorry … no funny dancing videos for us!)

And, of course, as an email marketing company, we use email marketing a LOT. Both are effective for us but each serves a different role in our marketing strategy.

When it comes to Youtube, our primary focus is making sure we can keep our users updated on important training tips, announcements, etc… We do generate some leads from our Youtube content but the big focus for us here is communication and connection.

Our Instagram and Twitter accounts are primarily for increasing our overall exposure and branding. As folks see our posts and tweets, they can click our link to request information about email marketing and how TrafficWave can help them.

TikTok is really new for us and we are still testing out how effective it can be for engagement and lead generation.

What each of these channels has in common is that we have to rely on the algorithms of the various networks to put our information up on front of prospects. Or we can pay for promotion on each of these channels (we don’t). By constantly creating new posts and interacting with comments, likes, etc… we see our overall follower count go up. Of those, some click through to our site and request information or even open up a Free 30 Day Trial.

These channels are really more about overall marketing than sales.

But our email marketing channel is where most of the sales take place. Let’s look at why:

Rather than hoping someone “finds” us, our message is delivered directly to their inbox. Since they asked for the information, they are more receptive to reading it.

Email marketing lets us schedule multiple followup points with each reader. This keeps our message “front of mind” and allows us the opportunity to show them how we can help them solve a problem.

The more effective we are at building rapport with our readers, the more effective we are at closing sales.

We enjoy social media.
We use social media.
Social media can be a great marketing channel.

When it comes to sales, email marketing still outperforms every marketing channel available. We recommend using both as much and as effectively as you possibly can for best results.

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