In 2021, the crypto market grew by leaps and bounds, leaving investors with great hopes. Last year, Bitcoin became the focus of investor interest as it propelled the crypto market to new highs, hitting the US$3 trillion mark in a relatively short amount of time.

Several other cryptocurrencies have also emerged, each with a strong price rally. This success, however, was short-lived. By the end of 2021, the crypto market had fallen into a deep sleep, and it continued to plummet. However, the cryptocurrency, which increased by about 15,000 percent last year, is steadily making its way through the top cryptocurrencies. Terra’s Luna and MIR are some of the most rapidly developing cryptos on the market.

MIR Hit A Record Low Of $0.0093

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While the crypto market has been beset by global economic instability and geopolitical tensions in recent weeks, one cryptocurrency, in particular, appears to be in great shape.

Terra (LUNA), the ninth most valuable cryptocurrency, had its price skyrocket from a little under US$50 on February 22 to US$71.25 today, a 42.5 percent increase in just six days. MIR, the native currency of Mirror Protocol, fell to $0.993 on February 24, its lowest level yet, after a selloff in the larger crypto market. However, the price quickly rebounded, reaching as high as $1.41 2 days later, a gain of more than 40% from MIR’s historic low. A golden cross pattern has formed in the Mirror Protocol’s MIR market chart due to the recent bullish surge.

According to analytics firm Elliptic, Ukraine’s two official crypto wallets have received over $12 million in donations, with one of the single greatest gifts costing $1.86 million. This substantial donation came from a group that had acquired funds through a non-fungible token auction (NFTs).

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