Email Marketing Combines Marketing and Sales

Email Marketing Combines Marketing and SalesTo better understand how email marketing combines marketing and sales, it will help to make sure you understand the difference between the two departments.

For the solo entrepreneur, it can be hard to tell the difference. This is mainly due to the fact that we are in charge of both departments. We can easily blur the lines between the two. So  let’s break down a basic idea that may help you understand the difference between sales and marketing, how they can (and should) work together, and how email marketing can make that an easy integration.

The simplest way to break it down might be to think of marketing as the team that is casting the widest net possible to attract the largest number of people that might be interested in your offer.  Think of sales as that team that is narrowly focused on those individuals that have expressed an interest in your offer. The job of your sales team is to identify the problems being experienced by your prospects and to help those prospects understand how your offer can help.

So, let’s look at how email marketing combines marketing and sales to get your business the results it needs: Revenue

On the marketing side of things, your email marketing includes your capture forms, capture pages, social media posts, advertising, and all forms of promotion to get people in front of your offer.

On the sales side of things, those folks that are interested in your offer can fill out your capture form to request your information. Now, your automated follow up letters and broadcasts begin showing your prospects how your offer can help them solve a problem. In these letters, you are providing real value along with a call to action so they know how to order from you.

Understanding the difference can help you decide where to focus your efforts.

If you are experiencing good lead flow … getting in new leads on a consistent basis, then your marketing channel is working well. You can (and should) test to identify areas that can be improved but if you are getting new leads, you are winning.

If, however, you are not seeing new leads come in, something needs to be adjusted in your marketing channels. This is where you test your headline, your ad copy, your call to action, overall layout, etc… to improve your marketing results. Sometimes, an adjustment of a word or two can make a massive difference.

Once you’ve got lead flow established, it’s time to focus on sales. How many of your prospects that are requesting information go all the way through to place an order or join your system? If these numbers are low, it’s time to start testing subject lines, personalization, ad copy, call to action, etc… You can drill in to open rates and click through rates as a starter.

Email marketing combines marketing and sales as you are able to focus on each component from one place. You can tweak and test each piece of the puzzle from within your TrafficWave members area. The time you put in to this now can pay off for years to come.

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