Someone selling what they called the “world’s ‘first waterproof USB-C iPhone X” has seen an eBay auction for the device end with a winning bid of just $3,000. That’s considerably less than the $86,000 a non-waterproof version sold for not too long ago.

The sale, which seems to have been to the one and only bidder, will no doubt be a disappointment to the iPhone’s creator. It appears that demand was considerably lower than the iPhone that came before it, despite this being the first iPhone X to include not only USB-C but a claim of being waterproof to boot.

Creator shared the following video and text on the iPhone’s eBay auction:

The Usb-C port is used to charge the phone and transfer data between the phone and computer. This modified Usb-C port works unidirectional instead of bidirectional. There are different Usb-C standards. I guarantee functionality only with the supplied cable and charger. The Usb-C to Lightning chip does not support fast charging, so high-powered chargers should not be used.

The phone is IPX7 waterproof like the original iPhone X. This means protection against ingress of water by total submersion for a limited time (1 meter deep for 30 minutes). I do not recommend exposing the phone to these circumstances more often! The water protection is only intended to be able to clean the mobile phone regularly with water.

While it might have sold for $80,000 less than hoped, $3,000 will still give the seller plenty of money to bag themselves a shiny new iPhone 14 later this year, at least.

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