A teenager has been arrested after stealing more than $42,000 worth of Apple gear from an Apple Store in Canberra, Australia.

Police allege that about 4 am on Wednesday, the 16-year-old boy and another man broke into the Canberra Centre and a short time later gained entry to the Apple Store.

A 16-year-old teenager and another man broke into the Canberra Centre Apple Store and made off with AU$60,000 in hardware according to local reports. After security staff saw the pair fleeing one dropped a bag carrying Apple products. Later, police were able to identify one of the men using CCTV footage and they were later arrested.

The 16-year-old was due to face a local court last week after being charged with two counts of aggravated burglary, theft, and damage to property

It of course isn’t unusual for Apple Stores to be targeted by crooks in this manner, but it’s unlikely that the devices that were stolen would have continued to function after the break-in was discovered. Apple can remotely disable devices that are on display and it is those that tend to be stolen due to their ease of access.

The report doesn’t say what kind of Apple hardware was stolen, but you have to imagine they were high-value items to be able to walk around with $42,000 worth of kit. High-spec iPhone 14 Pro and MacBook Pro hardware would likely get that value up pretty quickly.

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