WTF?! Do you find that your portable power bank doesn’t provide the kind of juice you want? Chinese YouTube star Handy Geng felt the same way, so he created a 27 million mAh monstrosity that’s not only able to charge thousands of phones but can also power household appliances such as washing machines, though you’re not going to be slipping this one in your back pocket.

Geng starts his homemade project by welding the power bank’s 5.9-foot by 3.9-foot frame together. While that’s obviously quite far from portable in the traditional sense, he does at least add wheels for some mobility.

Most of the power appears to be provided by the same type of massive, flat battery packs you would find in an electric vehicle. Geng says the 27 million mAh capacity is enough to charge around 5,000 phones with 3,000mAh batteries fully. It also includes 60 power sockets for charging multiple mobile devices (and standard-size power banks) simultaneously, which he demonstrates.

But it’s not just mobile phones that the giant power bank can juice. Geng also shows how it can fill up an empty electric scooter that’s run flat by the side of the road, providing you’re willing to drag it using the attached rope.

Possibly the most impressive demonstration is how the power bank can be hooked up to home appliances while outdoors. We see Geng using it to watch a large-screen TV and operating a washing machine all while fishing by a river; he’s even able to cook his catch in an electric pot afterward.

Make sure to check out some of Handy Geng’s other inventions on his channel, including a homemade security mech and the somewhat overpowered corn removal tool (above).

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