2021 was an exciting time for our team. After celebrating 10 years in business, significant company growth, and some of our most exciting client wins to date, it’s safe to say that it was a successful year.

Most notably, 2021 was a year of change — not only for Influence & Co., but also for the content marketing industry as a whole. The pandemic made it difficult for companies to reach their audiences through traditional mediums, and content marketing provided a solution. As result, creating content became a must for businesses, and the industry saw exponential growth.

Now that a majority of companies are investing in content marketing, the focus of the industry has shifted to driving measurable results. Our CEO, Kelsey Raymond, had some insights to share on this evolution and what it means going forward:

“Content marketing has long been seen as a fluffy industry in which it’s hard to tie tangible results to the work being done — especially in the B2B space. The more emphasis marketers put on understanding the buyer’s journey, the more impact marketers can have on influencing a buyer’s decision. With marketing automation platforms continuing to provide more value and detailed insights to marketers, the more value and metrics-driven results marketing departments will be able to deliver.”

In this infographic, we highlight the most impactful content marketing wins our company saw in 2021 and the exciting results that came with them.

Influence & Co. 2021 Year in Review. Company and client wins. Celebrated 10 years in business. Published 12 company guest-contributed articles in 9 industry publications, including: Entrepreneur, MarketingProfs, and Harvard Business Review, resulting in 9,000 total shares, 14 million social reach, and 712 average shares per article. 16 new employees. 9 promotions earned. What our team and clients achieved together: 175 content projects published, 1,169 press mentions and guest-contributed articles published, and 751 blog posts published. Publications our clients were excited to get published in: RealLeaders, Women's Health, Fast Company, The Next Web, Forbes, and Grocery Dive. ICo. became the sponsor of The Growth League, a podcast and community of extraordinary women in business looking to learn and grow from one another. "Over the past five years, I've worked with Influence & Co. to turn my ideas for articles into a system of content generation. They have helped me tackle almost any marketing problem or idea, always focusing on creating a positive ROI. And our work together on 'The Growth League' has shown me the full capabilities of Influence & Co. as an agency. From repurposing content to creating social media assets, their team is always focused on the big goal and willing to problem-solve to get there." -Diana Kander, New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, and host of "The Growth League" podcast.

Thank you to our wonderful team, clients, partners, and readers for making this an incredible year!

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