The Apple Card and an iPhone.

While most banks offer multiple avenues to pay your credit card bill, it’s hard to pay an Apple Card balance without an iPhone. That’s because Apple doesn’t have physical banking locations or an Android app for bill payments. Thankfully, you don’t need an iPhone or any other Apple product to pay your Apple Card balance.

No iPhone or iPad: Use the Apple Card Website

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Apple encourages its customers to pay Apple Card balances through the Wallet app on an iPhone or iPad. But if you break, lose, or replace these devices, then you need to pay your balance in a web browser.

That’s right; the Apple Card has a website. This site shows your balance, minimum payment due, and payment history. Lucky for us, it also lets you pay your monthly bill.

Visit and log in using the Apple ID associated with your credit card. If you and another person (spouse, child, etc) co-own an Apple Card, then you can log in to this website and pay your balance with either person’s Apple ID.

Once you’re logged in, click the “Payments” tab in the site’s sidebar. You can then make a payment at the bottom of the page. Apple will let you enter a custom payment amount or choose a suggested amount to pay.

No Other Options: Use the Apple Card Hotline

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Sometimes you end up in a bit of a pinch. Maybe you lost your iPhone and the Apple Card website isn’t working, or you just can’t remember your account details. In that case, you should call an Apple Specialist for help.

The Apple Support hotline (877-255-5923) is available 24/7 and can help you pay your balance, schedule monthly payments, or schedule a one-time payment.

Additionally, your Apple Specialist should be able to answer any questions that you have about the Apple Card or help resolve problems with your account.

“Account Services Unavailable” Error?


If you’re encountering an “Account Services Unavailable” error when trying to pay your Apple Card balance, there may be a problem with your Apple Wallet app, your internet connection, the Apple Card network, or Green Dot Bank (the institution that handles Apple Card).

I suggest that you try to pay your balance through the Apple Card website if you encounter this error. And if the website doesn’t work, try the hotline.

Unfortunately, an outage in the Apple Card system may prevent balance payments through the app, website, and hotline. It’s happened before!

If you can’t pay your balance through any of these avenues, you’ll just have to wait until the system is back online. (You can also ask to schedule a one-time payment through the hotline, though scheduling may not work during an outage.)

For additional Apple Card details, check the full “How to Make Apple Card Payments” support guide or call an Apple Specialist.

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