9 UX Statistics To Supercharge Your Conversion Rate In 2022

The algorithm of search engines like Google has always had user experience at the front of its digital mind to some degree. However, as the internet develops and adapts to the habits of the average user, the experience that users have has become a lot more important than ever before.

With more than 50% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, ensuring mobile responsiveness is just one of the ways that you can improve user experience.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of having better UX for your retail brand and how to optimize it for your channels online in 2022.

The benefits of better UX for retail brands

Google’s Page Experience is a good way of helping to understand your user’s experience when it comes to your site. These core web vitals are important to know what you’re doing right and what you might not be doing so well with.

What is the value of user experience? There are many benefits for a better user experience for retail brands in particular. After all, it’s typically a customer-facing experience but how does that translate online?

Helps retain your existing customers

Retaining your existing customers can save you a lot of hassle with having to replace them with new ones. With a better user experience, you’ve got a better chance of them returning again and again because they know their expectations will be met.

We’ve seen plenty of advancements with machine learning to improve customer experience which makes it even easier for brands to enhance the user experience.

Improves customer acquisition

For attracting new customers, first impressions count. With good user experience in place, you’re going to help nurture those leads that come onto your site, full of inquisitiveness.

Betters your consumer engagement

Customer engagement improves when they have something visually appealing to look at and navigate. Your website’s performance can directly benefit your consumer’s engagement on the site and with your brand in general.

9 UX statistics for retailers to know about

What are some user experience statistics in 2022 that retailers need to know about? Well, here are nine that we feel are important to be aware of this year.

  1. More than 39% of users stop engaging with a website if images don’t load properly.
  2. When you are a retail store online, a lot of your advertising of products will rely on imagery and in some cases, video content. With that said, make sure your website’s speed performance is up to par with the rest of the internet’s web pages.

  3. 38% of people will not engage with a website if the content is unattractive or poorly written.
  4. As consumers, it’s important that the website’s content is engaging. Without it, they’ll switch off or become uninterested.

  5. 47% of website visitors will check out your product pages before clicking on any other pages.
  6. The quality of your product pages is key if you want customers to make a purchase!

  7. 88% of people shopping online are less likely to return after a bad experience.
  8. User experience matters, especially when the majority will likely click off if they don’t get the experience they were expecting.

  9. 76 out of every 100 visitors will end up abandoning their cart.
  10. Not only is your website UX important but having the right products on the page is also important.

    UX statistic about cart abandonment
  11. 81% of companies that provide great customer experience and satisfaction do better than their competitors.
  12. Well, not much to say about this one. Who doesn’t want to outdo their competition in business?

  13. Only 55% of companies currently conduct UX testing.
  14. When it comes to e-commerce statistics for 2022, this is an important one because more eCommerce stores should be actively conducting UX testing.

  15. 79% of users see overall usability to be the highest level of importance for a site or app.
  16. If your retail site isn’t usable, then you can bet that most of your customers are going to look elsewhere to shop!

  17. 63% of people consider messaging a chatbot service to communicate with a business.
  18. Even though your business operating hours are limited, chatbots and machine learning technology can help improve the user experience.

Tips for optimizing UX

How can you successfully optimize UX and when it comes to improving the experience of the user, what can we expect from the future of UX?

Make your site simple and easy to navigate

Keep your site simple. When it comes to navigation, the site should be easy to operate, even for those not used to shopping online. When you maintain basic functionality on your site, it helps improve the experience for every one of your users online.

Fix 404 errors

404 errors are always met with a disappointing sign and a rolling of the eyes. If this is the user’s first page that they land on, then you won’t be providing the best user experience. Make sure you maintain this part of your website whenever it happens.

Improve load time

Improving load time is essential because it’s important that the site loads in enough time for the user to engage with the site. Anything longer than a few seconds is going to have them clicking off.

When it comes to your users, they are the key to a strong brand loyalty across all of your channels, whether you operate exclusively online or not. Make sure you’re doing everything to improve the user’s experience when shopping with your business.

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