Using TikTok for business can deliver awesome results.

TikTok is one of the biggest marketing trends of 2022, a platform with 1 billion users around the world. If you want to make an impact, you need to make sure your TikTok videos get seen by enough people.

The best way to go viral on TikTok is to keep up with the latest trends. It’s a fast-paced social media platform, and it’s important to stay on top of what everyone’s doing if you want to reach loads of people.

We’ve put together the best TikTok trends for businesses to follow in 2022. Add these trends to your TikTok marketing strategy to see more engagement and more results.

1. Why Your Business Should Have a TikTok Account
2. How TikTok Can Get You More Exposure
3. How to Stay On Top Of TikTok Trends for Bussiness
4. 4 Business and Marketing TikTok Trends to Be Aware Of
5. How to Use TikTok Trends to Boost Your Business

Why Your Business Should Have a TikTok Account

TikTok can get you more organic reach than any other social media platform.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have or how new your account is, your TikTok videos can go viral if you create the right content.

For a business, TikTok could be your ticket to reaching loads of new customers. The platform has 1 billion users, so it offers a huge opportunity for brands and TikTok creators to reach loads of people.

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok users are more focused on discovering new content than keeping up with their followers. This means it’s a great place to spread brand awareness.

A TikTok marketing strategy can be used effectively for local businesses or businesses wanting to reach a global audience.

So if you want to reach a lot of people then TikTok could be the best platform to do it. As long as you understand how the TikTok algorithm works, and leverage relevant TikTok trends, you could get your business going totally viral. [add viral tiktok here]

How TikTok Can Get You More Exposure

TikTok is all about trends. The entire focus of the app is built around discovering trending content. If you want your content to reach a lot of TikTok users then you should join the trends.

Users search for trends. This could be trending songs, trending hashtags, challenges, or whatever else is blowing up.

As a business that wants to reach a lot of TikTok users, your job is to jump onto these trends – or even start a new one.

By doing this, your TikTok content will be more relevant, and your marketing efforts will achieve better results.

TikTok is also a place to reveal the fun side of your brand. The platform is all about not being too serious and showing your business or products in a different way. So when you make TikTok videos, relax a bit and have fun with them.

@420doggface208 ♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac

Above: a classic example of trending TikTok content

How to Stay On Top Of TikTok Trends for Business

We know that it’s important to follow trends and create content around them, but how do you find these trends?

As a business on TikTok, you’ve got to be in the loop with what’s happening. Here are some of the best ways to keep ahead of trends for your TikTok marketing campaigns.

See What’s Trending On the Discover Page

The Discover feed shows curated trends that TikTok updates each day. This includes trending hashtags, sounds, and branded trends that businesses pay for. You can see how many TikTok videos have been created for each of these trends.

This is where you can search for specific videos or types of content. It’s the best place to discover trending content and understand the breadth of this. Trends on the discover page are already massively popular, so it’s a good idea to join them while they’re still attracting a lot of attention.

Identify Up-and-Coming Trends

While you can find popular trends on the Discover page, you can also try to look for up-and-coming trends that haven’t quite taken off yet.

These are trends with rising popularity that you want to jump on early. Of course, finding these trends can be a bit more tricky.

When you scroll through your For You page, all of the content is specifically chosen for you based on your interactions, engagement, and interests. This is selected by the TikTok algorithm.

This means the trends you’ll see here all relate to the niche you’re interested in.

If you want to discover broader trends, then start a separate TikTok account where you follow nobody, interact with nothing, and select no interests. The content that your For You page displays will be based on what’s starting to trend around the world.

Scroll through these feeds and see if you can identify any consistencies or patterns.

If you find something that’s just starting to trend, then create content around this trend early on. This will help you to go viral.

TikTok trends don’t last very long, usually around 3 to 10 days, so it’s important to join them early if you want to reach as many people as possible.

Look for Trends Around Hot Topics

Current events generally bring TikTok trends with them. Any hot topics, from the Superbowl to seasonal holidays, should result in a flood of TikTok content.

Pay attention to the events and hot topics happening in the world around you and try to fit this into your video content strategy.

When everyone posts about the same thing, loads of trending videos pop up. This could be a relatively easy way to go viral on social media.

@csapunch IM SO EXCITED #superbowl ♬ original sound – Chrissy

Look for Trending Songs and Sounds

Whenever you look for current trends on TikTok, they’re generally tied to specific audio content. One of the easiest ways to identify trends on TikTok is to find what songs and sounds are trending on the platform.

When you discover the most popular sounds that other creators are using, you can start creating content using these sounds too. This will give you more search visibility and make your content more relevant to appear on TikTok trends.

@vessi As per our HR department’s recommendation ✨ #vessi #nomorewetsocks #selflove #mentalhealthwalk #waterproofshoes ♬ оригинальный звук – malifisenta007

4 Business and Marketing TikTok Trends to Be Aware Of

TikTok moves very quickly. A TikTok trend today could be old news tomorrow.

This can make it tricky to stay on top of TikTok trends and post about them at the right time. To help you out, here are a couple of popular TikTok trends that businesses can use going into 2022.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

A branded hashtag challenge remains one of the best TikTok marketing strategies for businesses. It can help you gain a lot of visibility and tap into a TikTok trend that users love.

Branded hashtag challenges are when brands on TikTok create their own hashtags and make these hashtags a part of a challenge. Users create videos based on the challenge and upload them with the branded hashtag. A popular example of this was the #ReadySETGo challenge.

@iamkelianne If only it was this easy to get ready ? @lauramercier #readySETgo #lauramercierpartner #ad ♬ #readySETgo – LauraMercier

There are a couple of reasons why you should use this TikTok trend.

First of all, these challenges are a great way to go viral. Elf Cosmetics managed to get over 3 million videos of user-generated content from their #eyeslipsface hashtag challenge. So if your hashtag challenge blows up, you’ll get plenty of user-generated content and massive amounts of brand exposure.

Hashtag challenges are also a fun way to engage your followers.

Instead of just posting content for users to like and share, TikTokers can join your challenge and engage with your brand in a new way. This is an excellent strategy for engaging with a new audience who may have never heard about you before.

Hashtags are important on TikTok, and branded hashtag challenges are one of the best ways to make use of these hashtags.

@tijerarayemua #eyeslipsface #eyeslipsfacechallenge #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #dontletthisflop #beautytips #beautyhack ♬ Eyes. Lips. Face. (e.l.f.) – iLL Wayno & Holla FyeSixWun


While duets may not be the latest TikTok trend, they’re still important for businesses to use as part of their TikTok marketing strategy.

In case you don’t know, duets are side-by-side videos that allow you to create content right next to content from another user. You can use them to react to the other video, mimic it, and create a new experience based on the original content.

TikTokers love watching duets. They’re fun, engaging, and allow you to get creative. Using TikTok duets is also a great way of leveraging TikTok trends from other users to increase your visibility.

As a business, an excellent strategy for duets is to showcase your products in a fun and easy to follow way. Other TikTokers can participate in these videos, which will help them develop a stronger connection to your brand.

@gordonramsayofficial #duet with @bennythebull Benny, kid, that’s a lot of salt in that #popcorn ! Loving #chicago ! Gx #ramsayreacts #bulls #chicagobulls #nba ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) plays an important role on any social media platform. In case you don’t know, this is content that other TikTok users create and your brand shares.

A user-generated TikTok video is great for your brand because it showcases your products in an authentic way. And because this content is created by regular people, your audience will trust it more.

Good user-generated content generally offers better results for your brand than sponsored content that you create.

So when it comes to TikTok trends, always try to include and engage other content creators as much as possible.

@puma Jumping into the PUMA Fam ?? Welcome #Jorginho ? #pumafootball ♬ original sound – PUMA

Influencer Marketing

Speaking of UGC and social proof, we can’t overlook influencer marketing. TikTok influencer marketing gives your brand some great UGC, but more importantly, it will help you reach a much bigger audience.

TikTok influencers have a lot of power over their audience. If they promote your product or brand, then you’ll achieve far greater brand awareness and recognition from their audience.

This is a great way to tap into a new audience of your target customers.

There are influencers that cover practically every niche. It’s important to choose an influencer that you know your audience will relate to and love. Make sure their followers meet your target audience demographics.

And when we look at influencer marketing, one of the big trends at the moment is a focus on micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers have fewer followers, but they tend to engage more with them. This means you could get more engagement and stronger promotions from them. Micro-influencers are also often more authentic, which can help your brand achieve stronger promotions.

@lorengray #chipotlepartner i have 30k plant based chorizo BOGOs! use LORENPB in @chipotle ♬ original sound – Loren Gray

How to Use TikTok Trends to Boost Your Business

Businesses should jump onto TikTok trends just like any content creators would.

Whether you’re starting your own TikTok trends or want to get involved in the most popular TikTok trends of the moment, trending content will help you get a lot more exposure.

So, once you’ve identified TikTok trends, how do you use them?

TikTok is all about having fun, being creative, and experimenting.

Whenever you post videos, try not to take yourself too seriously. Embrace new trends, try them out, and if they don’t work, move on to the next thing. TikTok is a fast-paced social media platform.

One of the first steps to using TikTok trends for your business is to start with the sound. Look for trending audio and songs, and see how you can incorporate them into your TikTok video.

Staying ahead of challenges and viral content trends will help your TikTok strategy make a bigger impact.

You can also think about trends when you create TikTok ads. TikTok ads need to capture attention and appeal to your audience, so including trending content in your ads can give your TikTok marketing efforts a big push.


TikTok is one of the best social media platforms for boosting brand awareness. As long as you stay up to date with the latest TikTok trends, reaching a big target audience and enhancing your social media marketing results is possible.

Make sure you curate trends and stay on top of what everyone else is doing when you use TikTok. Unlike other social media apps, TikTok is all about what’s trending.

Follow our advice above, and watch your own content on TikTok take off.


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