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Wingsuit Pilots with GoPro-Equipped Helmets Capture Insane Pyramids of Giza Footage – TechEBlog

RedBull GoPro Wingsuit Pyramid of Giza
Wingsuit flying is dangerous enough when you’re out in a wide open field, but imagine buzzing the Pyramids of Giza? Considering there are typically no parachutes, just a wetted area on the diver’s body to generate increased lift, flying this close to a natural wonder of the world is death defying to say the least. However, that’s exactly what Fred Fugen, Vincent Cotte, and Mike Swanson decided to do. Read more to see the insane footage they managed to capture with their GoPro-equipped helmets.

Who flew the closest? That would be Fred Fugen who flew close enough to nearly touch the Pyramid of Khafre, which is the second-tallest and second-largest of the three pyramids at 448 feet tall with a base of 706 cubic feet. This stunt was made possible by Skydive Egypt because Fugen and Cotte were able to join the company’s annual Jump Like a Pharaoh event. So, these wingsuit pilots performed ‘resource’ technique to gain altitude at the end of their drop.


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RedBull GoPro Wingsuit Pyramid of Giza
Photo credit: Vincent Cotte/Red Bull Content Pool

Until now, skydiving was only allowed above the pyramids at high altitudes. It’s the first time a wingsuit flight has been made this close. It has been absolutely amazing to get right next to these giant stones, some of the last wonders of the ancient world that are still visible today. I felt so small in front of such big monuments. I never even thought I would be able to make this flight one day. If this project has been possible, it is because flying techniques and materials have evolved a lot recently,” said Fugen.

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