Lindsay Lohan has joined the group of entertainment stars that sell experiential NFTs. She will also become an advisor to the Superfandom marketplace on the Stacks blockchain.

Lindsay Lohan will issue “experiential nonfungible tokens” on the Superfandom platform. 

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Lohan will act as an advisor to the platform and assist it to attract more stars. 

Stars Other Than Lindsay Lohan Are Also Present

These NFTs will give the fans an opportunity to interact with their heroes in real life by meeting them in person or virtually. In the case of celebrity chefs, for example, they could even cook a meal for a fan.

Other stars are also offering NFTs on the platform which includes Home Improvement star Richard Karn, movie stars Jake Busey (Starship Troopers) and Riya Sen (30 Minutes), and Hunava Mere singer Jubin Nautiyal.

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Superfandom is a part of Rare Sense and is backed by developerHiro. It had emerged from the first cohort of the Stacks Accelerator which is a layer-1 open-source blockchain that settles transactions on BTC.

1990s TV star Karn is offering fans NFTs that enable them to be his golfing buddy for a day or to have the actor appear alongside them in a video.

Experiences with other stars so far include a gym session, acting coaching, or just hanging out.

Pervez indicated that the platform would go live within the next two weeks, enabling fans to begin buying experiential NFTs.

Since a fan will not be eligible to repeat most experiences, Pervez said “getting a secondary market out for us is a big priority.” This will enable experiential NFTs to be re-sold and experienced by a new owner.

This will continue Lindsay Lohan’s long foray into the NFT space. She has already released a music single as an NFT and sold a Daft Punk-themed NFT on Rarible.

There is no confirmation yet as to what experiences Lohan will offer on the platform.

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