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Microsoft just announced Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22538 for the Dev Channel, and it brings with it some great improvements for voice access in Windows 11. Specifically, it’ll let you “touch” individual keys with your voice.

With this update, instead of simply saying full words with your voice, you can actually “type” with it. So you can say, individual letters, numbers, and punctuation keys and have them inputted into the touch keyboard. If you need to spell out someone’s name, address, or another word that may not be so easily detected by the standard voice typing, this feature could be amazing.

Not only can you use the new feature to type unconventional spellings, but you can also use it to enter emoji, which have become an increasingly important part of modern conversations.

The update also includes the changed entry point for Widgets to the weather one, which rolled out to some Windows Insiders a while back but is now available for everyone.

The rest of the patch is filled with minor fixes and tweaks that’ll make their way to the final Windows 11 build in the future. In the meantime, if you’re a member of the Dev channel, you can download this build now and try it out for yourself.

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