{New} What is Google algorithm Link Spam Update?

One thing that is bothering every blogger is that Google has launched this new algorithm Link Spam Update As we all know Google is a search engine that always wants to give the best experience to its viewers and users.

In such a situation, Google to maintain its quality search. From time to time, new algorithms are launched.

One of them is Google Link Spam Update.

Google has launched an algorithmic and brand core update called Link Spam Update on 26 July 2021, focusing on the relationship attribute of backlinks and backlinks.

This update will be completed within the next 2 weeks. Mainly this update is made by taking Spammy, Malicious Affiliate Links, and Guest Post Links.

If you are also giving affiliate links, guest post links, and any external links in your blog or website, then you have to understand this update.

Let us understand that:-.

  • What does Google Search link spam update rolling out now mean?
  • How will this affect the blog and website?
  • Will we have to change the attribute of the links made in all our blogs and websites with these updates?
  • With this update we have to change what and how in our blog.

And if we ignore the updates to google, then what can be the harm to us.

What is Google’s Link Spam Update?

What is google algorithm link spam update ?

Through the Google Link Spam update, Google wants to keep an eye on the links made in your blog and website, what kind of website you are linking in your blog, and in what attribute.

As we all know we can get our blog monetized in many ways and can earn money, Google also has no problem with this.

But all the commercial links which you are earning money by using in your blog, now all those links will have to be attributed according to Google.

Because in the eyes of Google, links are those that provide some good value to the user and are, related to your website content should be relevant and not spammy, misleading, and do not violate google’s policies.

With Google links spam update, Google will be able to understand spam links, affiliate links, guest post paid links and sponsor links better.

Mainly Google is focusing on affiliate links and guest posts in this update.

Till now, if you used to use Affiliate Links in your website, then you used to give a link like this 

<a href=”https://www.example.com/……” and if you would have accepted Guest Post then You must have been giving them a Dofollow link <a href=”https://www.example.com/…..” rel=Dofollow”></a>

What you have to do in Google Spam Links Update:-

You have to mark all the affiliate links in your blog such as product reviews or shopping guides links or so forth, by doing sponsor links.

If you accept Paid guest posts or sponsor links, then you have to mark sponsor in those links also.

If you accept the guest post, instead of which you give do-follow backlinks to the contributor, then now you will have to give nofollow links to the contributor in the guest post as well.


Today we learned about what is Google’s new algorithm Link Spam Update. As Google will roll out this update within two weeks, the website in which the format of all the links is not correct can be penalized from google and their ranking may also be down.

So if possible, you should use the links of your blog and website in the correct format. If you find this information valuable, then share it with your friends and comment if there is any confusion.

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