Refer as little as 10 customers a year and start earning a higher commission rate.

There is nothing more flattering for us than when our biggest fans share AWeber with their communities. So we’re starting 2022 by giving our advocates the raise they deserve: AWeber Advocates can now earn up to 50% on referrals to AWeber – hands down the highest amount of any other email marketing provider. 

We are always working to make AWeber the best choice to promote to your community and share with your friends. That’s why over the past year we’ve launched landing pages, ecommerce solutions, and we were the first email service provider (ESP) with a native Canva integration.

So, let’s get to it, how do you start earning a 50% commission rate on referrals? 

  1. If you are not already an advocate, head over to the advocate sign up page to get started. It’s a quick form and you can start earning right away at 30%.
  2. If you refer 10 paying customers in the past 12 months (that’s less than one a month), we will bump you to 40%. No action is needed on your end. The best part? It applies to all commissions earned that point forward, regardless of when they created an account.
  3. If you become one of our top advocates referring 50+ customers in the past 12 months, we will move your commission to 50%. We take care of the change, all you need to do is refer roughly one customer per week to AWeber!

To see your progress towards the next tier, log into your advocate dashboard. In the upper right you can see how many paid accounts you’ve referred in the past 12 months. (We’ll also email you when you move tiers to celebrate your success ?)

Looking for inspiration on how to get the most referrals?

These are the top three ways our highest-earning advocates have achieved 50% commissions:

  • Share AWeber blog content:  We have a bunch of content to help small businesses grow. Share them with your audience and append your advocate ID, and you will get credit for any accounts that are created!
  • Write a review: Top advocates who use AWeber to share their experiences and how AWeber has helped them grow their business. These compelling stories help your audiences see why you made the switch from another ESP. (P.S. we offer free migrations and give you credit for anyone who makes the switch)
  • Create a tutorial: Both video and written works well, show off how AWeber will make your community member’s lives easier. If you have a large audience, reach out and we can co-create a video to help your community. 

With all of these make sure you append your Advocate ID so we can make sure you’re one step closer to earning the 50% commission rate!

GIF showing how to append your AWeber advocate ID into a URL

Become an AWeber Advocate today!

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