Nanoleaf Rhythm Light Panels

It’s been nearly six years since Nanoleaf launched its first product, the Rhythm Light Panels. That’s a long time for any smart lighting product, and as Nanoleaf advances its devices with technologies like Thread, it’s time to send the old Light Panels off for retirement.

As of January 19th, Nanoleaf no longer sells its original Light Panels. The company promises to support the old Light Panels “forever,” but from here on out, customers that want to get into Nanoleaf must buy the company’s more advanced (and better-looking) smart lighting decor.

Additionally, Nanoleaf is running a limited-time fire sale on Light Panels and some accessories. But the company has mostly sold out of these discounted devices—yeah, I was hoping to grab some too!

If you’re still using the original Light Panels and want to upgrade, now’s probably the time to sell those old things on eBay. Nanoleaf calls the Rhythm Light Panels a “piece of history,” so maybe I’m wrong here, but the Light Panels probably won’t increase in value anytime soon.

That said, Nanoleaf will offer replacement parts for original Light Panels until 2030. Your Rhythm Light Panels should keep chugging along for the next decade if you treat them right, which is an impressive achievement for any smart home product.

Source: Nanoleaf

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