As you confront the Great Reshuffle in your own organization, a content agency can help you sustain your content strategy and development with fewer bumps in the road. Consider these five benefits of partnering with an agency you trust—and building that partnership before these disruptive staff changes happen.

Fill Gaps

The most obvious way a B2B content marketing agency can help is by filling in gaps when someone on the team moves on. When your agency’s strategists, project managers, writers and designers are used to working with a wide variety of clients and learning their business and processes quickly, they can easily slip into the roles you need to fill for as long as you need them. Not every agency works this way, so be sure to vet them carefully before you partner with one.

Provide Continuity

When team members leave and new members come on board, there’s often a gap in knowledge that can slow projects down. If you’ve been working with your agency from the beginning of a project, your agency team can help fill that knowledge gap. Granted, even agencies are feeling the impact of workforce redistribution, but with that knowledge spread across their team it’s less likely to get lost.

Help You Scale

In the hyper-competitive world of B2B marketing, you can’t afford to get behind. An agency can help you crank out multiple projects fast. With a team of strategists, writers, designers and project managers, a good agency can put more people on your project to develop content quickly and efficiently—three, six, a dozen or more assets simultaneously or in rapid succession, as needed.

Give You Flexibility

Each person has different talents and skills. When you lose one team member, you lose that person’s talents—but you gain the talents of your new hire. A strong agency includes people with a broad range of talent and skills. The agency can assign the people to your team who are the best fit to accomplish your goals and evolve your team as your needs change.

Broaden Your Perspective

Whether we’re in the midst of a Great Reshuffle or not, partnering with an agency means you’re partnering with B2B content marketing professionals who offer broad experience across industries, markets, small businesses and enterprises, profits and not-for-profits, and more. That breadth and depth of experience can bring a fresh perspective to your B2B content marketing.

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