Rogers’ flanker brand Fido has changed up its plan options, dropping two out of the four main plans and slightly increasing the cost of another.

Like other flanker brands Koodo and Virgin Plus, Fido currently offers two sets of plans — normal plans, called ‘Data, Talk & Text’ and ‘Starter’ plans. The Starter plans are intended to be lower-cost options and are typically only available for customers who bring their own phone (called BYOP or BYOD). Those plans remain unchanged, likely because they match the government targets from the ongoing wireless price tracking program.

Fido’s ‘Data, Talk & Text’ plans, however, have changed. Earlier this week, the flanker brand listed four plans under this category, which have now changed as follows:

  • $50/mo 8GB — now $52/mo 8GB
  • $55/mo 10GB — no longer available
  • $60/mo 12GB — unchanged
  • $70/mo 15GB — no longer available

It’s worth noting that all of Fido’s plans include unlimited Canada-wide and international text, picture and video messages sent from Canada, voicemail, unlimited incoming text, picture and video messaging in Canada, call display and, unless otherwise specified, unlimited Canada-wide minutes. These details remain unchanged.

Worse, Fido appears to block customers from selecting the $52/8GB plan if they’re also getting a phone. The typical process for selecting a phone and plan on Fido’s website remains unchanged. Customers browse a list of smartphones and select the one they want, then click through to the ‘Build Your Plan’ page. On this page, customers must walk through several steps to select options like how they want to finance the phone and what plan they want.

FIdo device checkout page

Fido’s device checkout page currently doesn’t let you switch the $60/12GB plan for something else.

However, in my testing, the website currently auto-selects the $60/12GB plan and does not currently allow customers to change that selection. This happens regardless of the value of the smartphone selected — everything from high-end iPhones to budget options like the Moto G Power and ZTE Blade A7P get the $60/12GB plan.

You can check out Fido’s plans here. Note that prices may be different depending on your province (for example, Quebec typically has different, often lower pricing than Ontario).

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