Apple has updated its device trade-in prices to reduce the amount of money you will get when you hand over your old kit to buy a new iPhone 13, for example. Trade-in reductions cover a number of products both with and without Apple logos on the back.

Apple allows people to trade in their old devices as a way of reducing the outlay required to get into a new product and trade-ins are available online and in physical Apple Store locations. You’ll get the same price no matter how you trade your old stuff in, too.

These are the prices that have changed in terms of Apple hardware as spotted by MacRumors.

It’s worth noting that all of these prices are assuming that your devices turn on and are undamaged, of course.

Apple has also reduced the prices it is willing to pay for a ton of Android devices including those from Samsung and Google. As an example, a Google Pixel 5 is now worth just $235 which is a considerable drop from the $315 that would have been paid before. Those trading in a Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G will now receive $325 in credit, whereas Apple was previously offering $435. These are of course just two examples — be sure to check Apple’s trade-in page to see exactly how much your own kit is worth before making any buying decisions.

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