The online petition initiated by Stephanie Bonin for a 4th stimulus check to tide over the economic downturn caused by the pandemic has picked up pace after crossing 3 million signatures. The petition made an appeal for monthly stimulus payments for the extent of the pandemic and crossed the mark last week.

Over 15,000 citizens have affixed their signature to the popular petition for the stimulus check on the open petition platform, and it continues to remain the leading petition on the site.

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But lawmakers remain unmoved even as a certain section of ruling congressmen supported the cause. They have stated that provision for additional funds would be difficult to push through Congress.

The Petition For A 4th Stimulus Check Garnered Nationwide Support

Bonin, the restaurateur from Colorado put up the petition back in 2020 even as the first wave of the pandemic wreaked havoc across the US., affecting businesses and shutting down factories.

The petition drew nationwide support, with signatories from every American state. It crossed the 3 million figure on last week. It has since added 15,400 additional signatures.

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The petition made an appeal to Congress to sustain affected families with regular stimulus checks of $2,000 for adults, half that for children.

The petition goes on to state that furloughed and laid-off workers, self-employed, plus those facing the prospect of reduced working hours were struggling to cope with the basics like food and rent.

The unemployment figures stood at 230,000 as on January 8, figures released by the Labor Dept. revealed. There was a surge in signatures last week. Experts suggest that it was a result of the spike in infections caused by the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus.

The only bright spot remains the gradual easing of the number of unemployed as several sectors continue to struggle to regain a modicum of normalcy.

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