Marketing Automation solutions have the capability for.

Take a look at the Marketing Automation: Vendor Selection Guide to discover how to choose the right Marketing Automation vendor for your business.

Some of the solutions out there on the market have a fairly low upper limit on the number of journeys you are allowed to create, so it’s important to check your entitlements before you go down this path.

Flexibility in Simplicity

The advantage of operating a Pocket Journey strategy is quite simply flexibility. If the customer loses interest in the messaging sequence they are receiving on a journey, they disengage with that journey.

A customer journey after all is an attempt to simulate in the mind of a marketer the desires and intents of a customer, and if you misread that intent, you will lose their interest, and in a worst case, annoy them, possibly to the point of unsubscribe.

Perhaps when you think about it that way, simpler is preferable.

This approach might take a little time to setup, as we could be talking about moving from a dozen to a hundred journeys, however it could pay some dividends; Pocket Journeys could allow you to get an increased share of wallet, or in this case pocket. Your customers might even, on some level appreciate the reciprocity of treating them more like they treat you.

And the alternative might just be an out of pocket experience. 

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