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Few things are more exciting than getting swept up into the latest Internet craze, and the latest game craze is Wordle. The addicting game gives you one new puzzle to solve each day, but if you can’t wait and want more, here are the best Wordle alternatives.

As you’d probably expect, you’ve got more than a few copycat options to choose from. However, we recommend diving into some of the more … creative alternatives, as they keep the original game mechanics but offer a few new features and rules as well. We’re sure you’ll find one (or several) new fun alternatives to help you fill the hours in between your daily Wordle puzzle!

Most Similar Alternative: Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl puzzle open with one guess made

Just like the original, Hello Wordl (Free) is also only available on the web. The game—whose title is a clever play on the “Hello, World!” program—even uses an on-screen keyboard, gives you six guess attempts, and the same color scheme to indicate correct letters, correct placement, and used letters.

However, this version of the game gives you the option to play unlimited random puzzles. You can even choose how many letters you want to play with, ranging from four to eleven. That’s perfect if you want a little extra challenge!

A Fun App Alternative: SpellTower

Want to get your Wordle fix from the convenience of an app? We totally understand. Lucky for you, SpellTower (Free, with in-app purchases) offers an easy and fun way to play “guess the word” with a fun twist for both Android and iOS. This game blends Wordle with word searches and Tetris. Plus, it gives you 11 exciting modes to choose from—including Tower Mode, Daily Tower Mode, Puzzle Mode, Zen Mode, and Bubble Puzzle—and the opportunity to earn rewards along the way.

To play, you’ll need to find words to clear the tiles while racing the clock and trying to prevent the letters from reaching the top. In addition to competing with the clock, you’ll also be competing against yourself for the best score, best word, and highest number of words found.

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An Easier Web Option: Online Lingo

Puzzle open in colorful Online Lingo game
Online Lingo

Want a slightly easier version of Wordle that gives you helpful hints along the way? You’ll want to check out Online Lingo. This web-only alternative lets you choose from either a five-letter or a six-letter puzzle, and gives you a bright and colorful alternative to play from. But don’t get totally comfortable—Online Lingo also balances out its hints by not graying out letters you’ve already used, so you’ll need to keep track of those as you play.

An Adversarial Alternative: Absurdle

Absurdle puzzle open with three incorrect guesses made

Absurdle (Free) is my favorite Wordle alternative, as it has a little fun with the game’s overall concept. It works more or less the same as the original, and even uses the same word lists. So what’s the catch? Well, Absurdle “gives the impression” that you’re attempting to guess a single secret word, the game actually considers all possible secret words that fit your guesses thus far in the game. Slowly that list is pruned, but this version intentionally works to prolong the game and draw out the tension instead of giving you a mere six guesses.

The web-only game’s developer describes its AI algorithm as “highly evasive.” They note that you should plan on a single round lasting for over a dozen turns and that you’ll need to bring your best effort to the table in order to “force the game to give up useful information and back it into a corner” in order to claim victory. This isn’t your grandfather’s Wordle, so buckle up.

Gamified, and with Cats: Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter game open with different rounds and rules
Exploding Kittens, Inc.

From the makers of Exploding Kittens is Kitty Letter (Free), a cat-centric word game that’ll have you pawing at your smartphone’s screen in no time! In it, you’ll go head-to-head in competition with other players to unscramble words, collect power-ups, and stop your cat-hoarding neighbor from obliterating your house.

You can choose to play with friends or strangers in one-on-one online games or opt to battle it out in the extensive single-player campaign. It’s all the fun of word games mixed with all the cute adorableness of cats! What more could we ask for?

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Just Guess a Single Letter: Letterle

Letterle open with two awesome but incorrect guesses: R, and G

If the pressure of guessing the correct word in just six tries is too much, we suggest playing Letterle (Free) instead. This semi-sarcastic Wordle alternative tones down the stress of making you find an entire word and pares things down to a single letter. It generously gives you a whopping 26 chances to guess the right letter, so it’s pretty hard to lose. We love it!

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