The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will finally get Google’s December/January Android security patch next week if Canadian carriers are correct.

According to Fido’s and Telus’ OS update schedules, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will receive the anticipated security update on January 17th.

Google initially rolled out the update back on December 13th. The December update was delayed more than a week, but it came with 80 fixes and other improvements. However, it also included a nasty bug that cause the phone to drop calls. Because of this issue, Google paused the rollout of the update.

When the beginning of January rolled around, many hoped the January and December update would hit their Pixel 6 devices, but that wasn’t the case. Only Pixel devices ranging from the Pixel 3a to Pixel 5a received the patch.

But hopefully, next week’s update solves these problems.

The update’s standout features include improved fingerprint sensor stability and performance, fixes for screen flickering and full 23W wireless charging from the Pixel Stand 2.

Further, there are also several specific camera updates:

  • General image quality improvements in camera preview/capture
  • General improvements for camera stability and performance
  • General improvements for auto-focus response in certain capture modes
  • General improvements for colour consistency in viewfinder preview
  • Fix for issue causing blank viewfinder preview in certain conditions

You can check out the complete list of fixes from the December update, here.

The January security patch provides a fix for an Android issue that can prevent emergency calls. The update also fixes Wi-Fi call dropping issues, incorrect data usage accounting, a memory leak in the system UI and more.

You can find all the fixes for the January update, here.

Hopefully, the above carrier release timeline is accurate because otherwise, there will be a lot of upset Canadian Pixel 6 owners.

Source: Fido, Telus

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