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Logan Paul Spent $3.5-Million on a Sealed Case of Pokemon Cards That Turned Out to be G.I. Joe Packs – TechEBlog

Logan Paul $3.5-Million Case Pokemon Card Fake GI Joe
Why would Logan Paul spend $3.5-million on a supposedly sealed case of Pokemon cards? Well, boxes from the first edition set typically sell for around $384,000 USD, and each case contains six of these in what should have been pristine condition, so it’s not too far fetched for a wealthy individual to pay a slight premium. Unfortunately, Logan Paul’s purchase didn’t quite work out as he planned, since the case, authenticated by the Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE), turned out to be just a bunch of old G.I. Joe trading card packs. Read more to see how he found out.

Now you may be wondering who actually sold Logan Paul the case for $3.5-million, and it actually his personal friend as well as trading card collector Bolillo Lajan San. He has already reimbursed Logan his $3.5-million. Now the only thing left for Bolillo is to wait and hopefully receive a refund from the party who originally sold the authenticated case to him.


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In March 2021, we were asked to provide our good-faith opinion and verify that the Pokémon case had not been previously opened or tampered with. We evaluated it and, in our opinion, the case was in its original state. This past Saturday, we opened that case to verify our opinion. We have also decided to halt the review of Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh! cases or boxes until we assess and revise our processes to avoid this happening in the future,” said the BBCE.

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