Recap: Square Enix back in December suspended sales of Final Fantasy XIV after the launch of the Endwalker expansion pack brought in more players than the game’s servers were equipped to handle. Now we’ve got an update from the game’s producer and director detailing changes that have been made and what is happening next.

For starters, Naoki Yoshida said they’ve decided to open the Oceanian Data Center two weeks earlier than scheduled. It’ll now come online on January 25, and they’re adding five new worlds from the start as well as waiving the transfer fee.

What’s more, the Home World Transfer Service will return on January 26 and will be available to all players across all data centers.

Elsewhere, Yoshida said they are planning a two-phase major server expansion in North America. The first phase is expected to be implemented in August 2022 and will see the addition of one new logical data center and four new worlds. Phase two in the summer of 2023 will see Square Enix add four more worlds to the newly established logical data center.

A new logical data center is also in the works in Japan – to be implemented around July 2022 – and in Europe, four new worlds will be added to the two existing logical data centers (two per) in July 2022. Phase two of the European expansion will see the addition of one new logical data center with eight new worlds.

In light of these changes, Square Enix will be resuming sales of Final Fantasy XIV on January 25. Yoshida said they reserve the right to suspend sales once again should server congestion return.

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