A computer keyboard with paint on it.
Joe Fedewa / How-To Geek / Midjourney

ChatGPT writes elaborate tales, whereas DALL-E 2 paints absurd pictures. OpenAI’s chat bot and artwork generator are two sides of the AI coin. What sort of insane creations would they make if we allow them to work collectively?

Since DALL-E 2 turns textual content prompts into artworks, and ChatGPT spits out text responses on command, it appeared pure to let the 2 discuss to one another. All they wanted was a center man to relay the messages. I used to be pleased to fill the position, and the outcomes have been fairly superb.

Joe: What would you enter as a textual content immediate for DALL-E 2?

ChatGPT: As an AI language mannequin, I do not need the power to enter a textual content immediate for DALL-E 2, as I’m not straight related to the DALL-E 2 mannequin. Nonetheless, if you want some concepts for textual content prompts that could possibly be used with DALL-E 2, listed here are a number of examples:

ChatGPT went on to checklist 10 completely different prompts for DALL-E 2, and I used to be pleased to submit them on its behalf. Listed below are the outcomes:

“Create a surreal panorama with a large teapot within the center.”

"Create a surreal landscape with a giant teapot in the middle."

“Design a superhero made totally of fruit.”

"Design a superhero made entirely of fruit."

“Generate a picture of a dragon enjoying a guitar in a meadow.”

"Generate an image of a dragon playing a guitar in a meadow."

“Visualize a metropolis made totally of books and paper.”

"Visualize a city made entirely of books and paper."

“Create a scene of a home floating within the clouds with a rainbow bridge main as much as it.”

AI-generated image of a rainbow bridge leading up to a house in the clouds.

“Design a futuristic automotive that may remodel right into a robotic.”

"Design a futuristic car that can transform into a robot."

“Generate a picture of a tree rising out of a guide.”

"Generate an image of a tree growing out of a book."

“Visualize a gaggle of animals having a tea occasion in a forest.”

"Visualize a group of animals having a tea party in a forest."

“Create a picture of a mountain vary made totally of jellybeans.”

"Create an image of a mountain range made entirely of jellybeans."

“Design an area station orbiting a planet made from glass.”

"Design a space station orbiting a planet made of glass."

That’s some fairly artistic stuff. Good job, you two. After all, ChatGPT doesn’t possess the power to be “artistic.” It’s merely utilizing its database of knowledge to say what it thinks you need to hear. There’s a great probability a few of these prompts aren’t totally distinctive.

ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 are simply a few the AI chat bots and image generators out there as we speak. You might attempt the identical experiment with Bing Chat and Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. Your creativeness is the one restrict with these instruments, and now you may outsource that, too.

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