A person vacuums a carpet rug in a living room.

Most of us vacuum our properties as a part of a weekly cleansing routine, however ought to cleansing your vacuum itself be a part of that chore listing? Apparently, sure, you do want to scrub your vacuum.

Cleansing your vacuum might help enhance its effectivity, stop the unfold of micro organism and mould, and preserve it working effectively longer.

However how typically do you should clear it? That depends upon a number of elements, together with how typically you employ it and what you’re cleansing. In keeping with Real Simple, you need to clear the brushes and bristles after each single use. Whereas that looks as if loads, hair and strings can develop into lodged into the comb making it more durable and more durable to scrub as time goes on. Plus, take into consideration these bristles. They’re vacuuming up god solely is aware of what out of your flooring. To prevent the spread of germs, simply spray them down with a disinfectant.

As for vacuum deep cleaning, that may be a bit extra spaced out. It is best to test the filters month-to-month, rinsing them clear with water and permitting them to take a seat out to dry fully. Then, each 12-18 months, you’ll wish to fully disassemble your vacuum for a full-fledged deep clear.

Throughout this time, you’ll disinfect and soak any detachable, washable components just like the canister and attachments. Then, use a can of compressed air to do away with any mud and particles you may not have the ability to entry simply. Permit all the pieces to dry fully, reassemble your vacuum, and also you’re good to go for one more yr.

If cleansing your vacuum isn’t in your spring cleaning checklist, we’re unhappy to say that we’ve bought yet one more job so as to add to it—however hey, your own home will simply be that a lot cleaner.

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