We all know push notifications are small pop-up messages that display on the users’ desktops or mobiles. These push messages are effective in re-engaging audiences even when they are not on the website or application. But do you know we can make these notifications more attractive by adding multimedia? Yes, and these messages are termed Rich Push Notifications. These types of push notifications add interactivity to the campaigns and increase the engagement rate of users. 

Let’s discuss more rich media push notifications and see how you can use them to communicate effectively with your users.

What are Rich Push Notifications?

Push notifications are clickable short messages that can improve brand awareness, user experience and cross-channel marketing strategy. Now, what if we can convert these text push messages to more attractive ones? 

Rich push notifications are messages with media included in them. It can be images, gifs, videos, deep links, or CTA buttons. These rich notifications have become popular when iOS 10 and Android 4.1+ versions started accepting various media types.

Android: Limited to images and text

iOS: You can send a variety of multimedia for this platform users like images, gifs, videos and audio.

So, websites have to create rich push notifications according to their user’s platforms. You can also segment users according to their platforms while pushing campaigns.

Elements in Rich Push Notifications?

Below is a rich push notification example. It consists of elements push title, message, image, video or gif, CTA buttons, brand icon, brand name and time stamp.

rich push notification anatomy

How Rich Push Notifications Work?

Rich push notifications are similar to standard push messages but with media incorporated into them. Along with an interesting push title and message you can include images, videos or gifs, and CTA buttons. Rich push notifications are like mini emails but a user can have a complete preview of messages and action buttons take us to pages with one click, unlike emails. 

At times the character limit restricts you from expressing everything you want to say, for this rich push notifications are the answer. And we know that pictures speak thousands of words.

The standard push notifications will be truncated if exceeds the character limit. But when you move to rich push notifications you can express these words using images, and emojis and make them noticeable.

Now, implementing rich push notifications is easy. In Truepush, the feature is available for websites for free and you can see the preview of push messages for different devices.

Rich Push Notifications Examples

Rich media push notifications are effective in every niche industry to engage new & existing visitors. You can alternate the elements in rich push notifications depending on the type of reaction you are expecting from subscribers. This push notification strategy creates a great impact on the users and makes you appear different from competitors. 

You can use rich notifications wherever you use standard push notifications. Below are a few examples of them.

  • Promote new products or services to the users
  • About upcoming events & sales
  • To send updates interestingly
  • Retain old customers with attractive images & videos
  • Sending onboarding welcome push notifications
  • Product recommendations based on user’s interests

Integrate your creativity into these rich push notifications and engage all types of audiences. Experiment regularly to optimize notifications and reduce the ignore rate from the users.

How to Create Rich Push Notification in Truepush?

Building rich push notification is simple and free with Truepush. Here are the simple steps to create push messages that can increase your engagement rate.

  • Login to your Truepush account using your registered email.
  • Click on create campaign button in the dashboard.
  • Give creative push titles and messages in the text fields or else provide a landing page URL and tap on fetch to get the details.
  • Provide the banner image and select the segments and schedule notifications for preferred timing.
  • Click on the advanced details to set up CTA buttons with links and button icons.
  • You can also edit the notification icon, data and campaign expiry date.

Why Do Marketers Use Rich Push Notifications?

Rich push notifications give a chance to marketers to reach and engage users effectively with minimal effort. Adding segmentation and personalization to these campaigns will add more to the engagement, retention and conversions. 

We have studied the stats of the billion push notifications sent by our users through our service. From this, we have seen that the rich notifications conversion rate is 3% to 6% higher than standard notifications. This number increases to 15% when segmentation and personalization are involved.

For example, implement push notifications for your website. Now, observe the user response using the stats. As you have good information about your users now send rich push notifications by segmenting users, scheduling timing and personalization.

create push notification

Rich Push Notifications Tips to Drive Conversions

People respond better to images than text which is why rich media notifications have gained the attention of users and marketers. Here are a few rich push notifications tips to implement for your website.

Use Visuals 

Make use of the media in the rich push notifications. Send your stories and promotions using images to heighten the users’ imagination. For example, a travel blog can add a glimpse of highlights when pushing notifications about the best holiday destination article. Also, new product launch push notifications can accompany product images or videos.

rich notification

If you observe the above rich push notification the 50% sale in the image gains more attention than the push text. It will increase the chances of clicking on the action buttons and conversions.

Provide More Details

Using media in the push notifications gives the scope to add more information. With the constraints on the push length make use of this feature to provide details about the offer or update. Observe the below rich notification where the image provides additional information.


Upsell Marketing

We all know push notifications are great for upselling marketing and we can upgrade these campaigns with media. This push notification strategy works well for eCommerce websites. You can send recommendations for the purchased products and get repeat visitors and sales.

Attach High-Quality Images

Make sure you attach high-quality images while crafting these push messages. Choose the optimal image sizes to reduce the loading time. Here are the size limits for media in push notifications.

Images- Less than 2048 KB, Image ratio 2:1, Min pixel size: 512 X 256

CTA Buttons Icon- Less than 2048 KB, Image ratio 1:1, Min pixel size: 56 X 56

Notification Icon- Less than 2048 KB, Image ratio 1:1, Min pixel size: 56 X 56

Don’t Compromise With Content

Using rich media push notifications doesn’t mean you can lessen the efforts in writing push titles and messages. Content is always the first thing that a marketer needs to concentrate on while creating campaigns. Choose the words consciously so that you can provide complete information within the character limitations. 

For example, use action words like buy now, shop now, get discount, today only and others. These words attract users and encourage users to take immediate action. Read our blog to write a perfect push notification sample that grabs the attention of your visitors.


Push notifications are a great tool to engage your audiences and adding rich media will increase the success rate of your marketing campaigns. Keep experimenting with your rich media according to the users’ interests as it is never the same. Try new push notification strategies and engage your users and increase your conversion rate.

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