Cloud security company Lacework Inc. today announced the release of new cloud security posture management capabilities that it says help organizations achieve operational excellence and effectively manage security and compliance at large scale.

Lacework’s new CSPM capabilities help organizations who want better visibility into their cloud security posture so they can better understand and manage their risk and achieve compliance. Putting posture into operation at large scale can be daunting and resource-intensive, but the new features are aimed at making this easier.

Available for Amazon Web Services Inc., Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, the new CSPM capabilities allow organizations to create fine-grained custom policies to ensure configurations align with specific needs. Users can build custom cross-account reports to measure hygiene and achieve operational excellence with the latest Center for Internet Security benchmarks and industry standards.

Supporting custom policy creation using Lacework query language, users can validate the compliance of cloud resources against their own internal checks.

In one example, an organization may want to create a policy for when a storage bucket or database is publicly accessible. To use the service, customers first define the conditions and allowed behavior. Using LQL, users can query, set status alerts for specific cloud configurations and receive an alert, on a per-resource basis each time a resource fails against a particular policy. The alert will indicate which discrete cloud resource is noncompliant with a specific custom policy.

Notifications can be sent individually or in aggregate, with any changes in the compliance status of custom policies able to be quickly escalated with alert integration into Slack, Jira and ServiceNow.

Using the new functionality, organizations can now build custom cross-account CSPM reports to meet the specific needs of different stakeholders, auditors and customers. The tailored reports can reduce the hassle of manual evidence gathering by automatically compiling findings for multiple purposes and audiences.

Noting that custom policies may not be for everyone, Lacework also offers hundreds of prebuilt policies that customers can use to maintain a solid cloud security posture.

Image: Lacework

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