Microsoft will be adding a built-in screenshot and screen recording tool to windows 11. As a result, the Snippet Tool will be enhanced. 

As you may know, previously users were primarily dependent on external applications or tools to record the screen. This would further require them to use other external tools to record the audio of the tool separately. As a result, users will now be able to do this simultaneously, record the screen along with the audio, by utilizing the Snippet Tool. 

In response, Microsoft stated,” The windows Insider Program is a community of millions of window’s biggest fans who get the opportunity to preview windows features. These Insiders give their feedback and engage directly with Microsoft engineers to help shape the future of Windows.” 

The Principal Product Manager Lead, Dave Grochocki, recently mentioned in one of his blog posts- “Hello Windows Insiders, today we begin to roll out an update to the Snippet Tool (version- 11.2211.35.0) for windows 11 to windows Insiders. As we are just beginning to roll out now, not all Insiders will get the update right away.” 

This snippet Tool has made it more straightforward for windows users to record and share content effortlessly. Windows is successfully expanding its horizons and it providing great tools for all the PC owners.  

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