Claiming to be more of a dragon mother than an Instagram mom, Meghan McCain captions a photo of Liberty Sage, her daughter in a holiday theme outfit. The family is all set for the season of holidays.

Dressed in a Christmas outfit Meghan McCain shares a series of photos of Liberty Sage, her daughter of 26 months who is shared by Ben Domenech, her husband. One of the snaps contained the adorably seated toddler in a car with a reindeer-themed headband and a red-colored Christmas jumper paired with ugg boots. Another snap starred Liberty in a bright pink colored bubble jacket while playing on a slider.

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Meghan McCain claims that her family is already in the Christmas mood. The 38-year-old captioned in her Instagram post that she is more of a dragon mother than an Instagram mother but the cliches about bearing children are indeed wonderful and further announces that the house is eager to welcome another young lady.

Meghan McCain About To Be A Mother Of Two Young Girls 

The Daily Mail was confirmed in October by McCain that Ben Domenech and she are expecting a second child together, a second daughter. The outlet was told that the about-to-be parents feel blessed to be adding a new one to the team and have crossed more than midway to meeting the newest daughter. 

Instagram was blessed to have Meghan McCain’s story of a mirror selfie with her resting a hand on the baby bump. In September, she honored both of her daughters’ Liberty and the newest one yet to be welcomed on National Daughters Day. Meghan has always appreciated being around girls. She says that it has been destined and she also feels that she has always understood women. She has been gifted to raise girls and to be a part of pure feminine energy.

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