Chrissy Teigen, the mother of two shared glimpses of their family night at the Los Angeles’s Mrs. Claus’s bakery. They organized a fundraising event at the bakery. Chrissy Teigen has her own kitchen brand for cookware, and she was raising money with that to donate to Los Angeles regional foods bank.

Chrissy Teigen’s Holiday Celebration Began Early

Their celebration started with Thanksgiving, and Chrissy Teigen celebrated thanksgiving with her mother and children. She posted every little detail of that day on her Instagram post from praising each other to prepping the turkey and everything. Shared some warm moments of her mother daughters moment on Instagram.

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With the last post, Chrissy Shared joyous moments from their early Christmas celebration with fundraising events. Chrissy Teigen and her two children wore Christmas-themed outfits. Chrissy Teigen wore a green colored nightsuit and her daughter Luna wore a red checkered dress with a red bow on her ponytail. And her son Miles twinned with his father in a suit. John Legend wore a red plaid suit with a Black tie.

They both wore red pants, the family arrived at The Market hand in hand and the little guy miles was in Chrissy Teigen’s arms. All of them tried cookies and later posed with Mr. and Mrs. Claus for photos. Chrissy shared those photos mentioning Mrs. Claus and specially thanked her for lending her bakery for that day to them.

Chrissy is expecting their third child after two years of pregnancy loss. That news broke on the internet and everyone around them including the fans was in tears. There is always sunshine after a hurricane as Chrissy brings a child via IVF. And she shared how her kids are excited about the new addition to the family.

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