SEMRush offers three pricing plans however only the second and third ones give access to the SEO writing assistant:

  • The first plan starts at $120/mo and gives you basic access to SEMRush features but not to the SEO writing assistant
  • The second plan starts at $230/mo and gives you access to most of the SEMrush features.
  • The third plan starts at $450/mo and gives you access to all the standard SEMrush features and a large quota.

However, SEMRush also gives freemium access to try some of their tools but not the writing assistant.

SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant Vs Surfer SEO

The main difference between SEMRush SEO writing assistant and Surfer SEO is that SEMRush is great if you are already using and paying for the tool and want a more cost-effective solution that helps you to optimize everything around SEM whereas Surfer SEO is specialized in SEO content writing and updating and gives you more advanced features and generally provides better SEO content writing capabilities.

How the Rating Was Created?

We have collected data from G2, Trustpilots, GetApp, external reviews, and other third-party sources to get an understanding of how others view the software and how they perform against each other.

Based on this information the author formed an opinion and presented it. This article is only for information purposes and does not imply or promise any results mentioned.

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Final Word to Surfer SEO Alternatives

Surfer SEO is an excellent SEO content writing tool that many find the best option out there. However, just like with everything Surfer SEO has its cons namely:

  • Information overload: For some, the amount of information they provide is unnecessary and may distract the writers from on focusing what is important or even reduce the quality of content.
  • Mostly for SEOs: Due to the tool’s highly specialized target, the tool mostly is suited to SEOs or writers with good SEO knowledge as for those without any SEO skills, this might be challenging to use.

Needless to say, the tool does a great job of what’s intends to do and arguably it is one of the best SEO content writing tools on the market.

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