You may be someone new to a marketing position or wanting to get into marketing, you are super excited, thinking this is an easy way to financial freedom, all you have to do is come up with a marketing strategy, make a small social media post on Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, etc. You eventually realize that there is a bit of work that goes into this profession, marketing strategies and workshops for multiple clients at the same time, project deadlifts, different types of marketing (digital marketing, media releases, email list etc.) just to get the clients name out there. All that comes at a BIG price, sometimes up to $100,000 especially if it involves marketing agencies. You see the amount of money and it frightens you.

What if your marketing strategy underperforms, what if you don’t get the engagement and impressions, you promised the client, what if the client becomes hated? What if your boss FIRES YOU?

It is okay.

Failing is part of the process, nobody becomes a marketing expert overnight, in fact, your new boss at your new marketing agency EXPECTS you to FAIL! You are new to making marketing strategies, marketing workshops, new to marketing! How can you expect to get good without performing badly in the first place?

You have probably heard thousands of people mentioning stories about how Thomas Edison created the lightbulb after many defects, the richest people in the world, Elon Musk & Bill Gates failed multiple businesses, lost MILLIONS of dollars blah blah blah. You HAVE TO fail before you succeed, make spelling mistakes on your blog posts, make a poor marketing strategy and lose your client thousands of dollars (don’t actually do it) fail in marketing now, and succeed later.


People watch or read motivational posts and some think about their family to motivate them. Motivation is important but what is non-negotiable is DISCIPLINE. The discipline to seek improvement every day, the discipline to be punctual to work (most of the time ?) The discipline to stay hydrated and nourished (this is something many struggle with). You need discipline and good habits to be amazing at anything. To become a good marketer, you need to get the repetitions in, whether that comes in the form of reading books on how to provide better marketing services, listening to marketing podcasts, getting extra schooling, and continuing to market for clients and embrace the fear of failing, to become a good marketer.

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You didn’t think I’d leave you without giving you some advice on improving your marketing services, right?

Many fall into the pitfall of marketing and aiming to get as much traffic as possible. You don’t ALWAYS need 1 million likes & views on a post, you only need 100 likes from quality consumers that bring revenue to you and/or your client

You need to be proactive and plan ahead, schedule what you have for the day and stick to it, DO NOT go from ‘oh I need to meet with the client at 1 pm’ to ‘oh it’s 1:05 pm and the client hasn’t shown up, lunchtime!’ You are in a marketing position, plan for potential bumps on the road, adhere to your schedule, and do your job.

When marketing for a new client, you need to understand the client and who they are targeting, you may assume that a sports company is catering to athletes, but they might be targeting recreational sports enthusiasts. Know your market.

In your marketing posts, don’t use complicated jargon to sound smarter, use jargon to have a conversation with your audience. But don’t use common language so that everyone understands, use language that YOUR target audience understands, this develops a relationship between you and the consumer, you will appear as a friend to them rather than another office worker just doing their job.

This is a given in marketing, improve your SEO, more traffic, done. If you’re a bit unsure about SEO, this is a good place to start.

  • Leverage Your (Marketing) Network

You may be working with a client who is very picky and different compared to those you’ve dealt with before, ask someone who has the experience, ask your co-workers if you’re struggling, they’ll be more than happy to help! You can even ask your friends and family for extra engagement, maybe even some of your friends or acquaintances can connect you to new clients


Typos and miscommunication happen ALL THE TIME, you need to proofread your work, you DO NOT want to do extra work that your client did not pay you for.

  • Enjoy the (marketing) journey

Working as a freelance marketer or at a marketing agency is a learning experience, enjoy the friends and the clients you meet during your marketing career, enjoy the projects you work on, try to enjoy the stressful situations that happen because one day you’re going to look back on your experience and laugh at it.

Fear of failing is normal, it is okay to be afraid of messing up, you WILL get better! Through discipline, good habits, and providing value to the clients you are marketing for, you will grow to be a wonderful marketer!

If you are looking to work with an internationally renowned marketing agency that has developed their own top-of-the-line, revolutionary AI marketing software, contact us here.

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