Instagram won’t optimize its app for the iPad anytime soon, said the social media platform’s head Adam Mosseri in a tweet over the weekend.

The message was in response to a tweet made by tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) who pointed out the absence of the app even in 2022.

Mosseri said it’s something Instagram hears a lot but the number of iPad users wanting the app isn’t large enough to justify developing it.

Brownlee further states this group could increase if “an excellent app” existed. Mosseri agrees but says the company is “leaner than you think” and is already supporting the app on four platforms: iOS, the web, Instagram Lite, and its’s largest, Android.

Mosseri said Instagram views a dedicated app for iPad as a part of the “finally features” list. It’s a want but isn’t prioritized to be completed at this time.

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