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Demo Administration Panel login:
[email protected] / 123456

Test Credit Card Info:
Please type any credit card name, card number should be – 4242424242424242 with any CVV and any future date. (Other cards can be found here:


Version 2.2.1 – released October 28, 2020
– Bug: fixed undefined variables issue when using taxes module;

Version 2.2.0 – released September 25, 2020
– Feature: Added option to refund payments through the terminal;
– Feature: Added recurring items in an invoice;
– Feature: Added taxes for products & services option;
– Feature: Added option to pre-set invoice terms & conditions;
– Feature: Added option to send a copy of the invoice (CC/BCC);
– Feature: Added option to set transaction fee to charge on top of what customer is paying;
– Feature: Added option to choose time zone;
– Feature: Added track invoice email viewing;
– Feature: Added track invoice print/pay;
– Feature: Added bi-monthly recurring option;
– Improvement: Compatibility check with custom database prefix implemented;
– Improvement: Added new states and provinces selector;
– Improvement: Added paid invoice indication on the PDFs;
– Improvement: Show transaction ID for invoice payment;
– Improvement: Add warning to admin that invoice was paid;
– Improvement: Added “date created” column to payments report;
– Bug: Issues with MySQL Strict Mode fixed;
– Bug: Fixed issue with subscribing to recurring payments through PayPal;
– Bug: Monthly total in Fixed price item;

Version 2.1.0 – released May 25, 2020
– Feature: added automatic recurring transactions syncing from Stripe (with manual override button as well);
– Feature: added automatic recurring transactions syncing from PayPal (with manual override button as well);
– Feature: added Payment Plans. You can now enable payment plan on any product so your customers can split the product price in several transactions (recurring);
– Feature: added option for customer to type the amount for recurring donation;
– Feature: added export to PDF/CSV for all sections;
– Feature: added option to print tabled data in all sections;
– Improvement: added option to allow price overrides for product/service in URL. Example – product costs $100, but you want to send customer link for $110 due to extra request from customer – you can now do so, and sell the same product at different from default price;
– Improvement: added thank you page after successful payment to avoid double payments;
– Improvement: added cash payment indicator to the transactions list;
– Bug: administration area responsiveness issue fix;
– Bug: “Class Throwable not found” issue fix;
– Bug: Fixed issue with displaying extra currency symbol in front of total amount for some currencies;
– Bug: Fixed several PHP Notice errors;
– Bug: Background image path is incorrect;
– Bug: Fixed https redirect as well as fixed paths to non-https resources;
– Bug: Fixed issue with sending invoice and getting successful message and error at the same time;

Version 2.0 – released February 11, 2020
Major Release: The new Stripe Payment Terminal was re-worked from the ground-up. Now it comes with an administration panel which gives a lot of new functions and capabilities (for example recurring subscriptions management & invoicing). You can easily manage invoices and payments, in multiple currencies, track who owes you payments, track all your subscriptions, customize look and feel of your terminal from within the app and much more. The new terminal is responsive and comes with PayPal payments (redirect) besides the Stripe credit card processing with SCA compliance.
– Added PHP 7+ support
– Added SCA support for one-time payments
– Added dashboard with basic statistic and activities
– Added unpaid invoices tracking
– Added recurring subscription management
– Added invoicing management
– Added payments management
– Added subscription tracking
– Added customers database
– Improved overall terminal look & feel
– Added reCaptcha v2
– Added mobile compatibility

Version 1.3 – released November 24, 2013
– fixed issue with empty error message in LIVE mode

Version 1.2 – released November 4, 2013
– added support for Australia
– fixed issue with submitting payment even if there’s error in billing info
– fixed minor documentation issue

Version 1.1 – released June 16, 2013
– fixed paypal deprecated function usage (eregi)
– added fix for paypal sandbox issue
– fixed issue with payments over 1000
– added UK provinces and Stripe UK support
– added support for British Pounds and Euro currency symbols
– added timezone to config file

Initial release on 27 December 2012

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