Social network Snapchat has announced new account controls that will hopefully make it more difficult for strangers to befriend teenagers. The change will prevent accounts of teenagers ages 13 to 17 from being recommended as potential new follows via the Quick Add feature.

The new move, announced via blog post, should ensure that teenagers’ accounts aren’t made so visible to strangers. However, those accounts will still be recommended via the Quick Add feature if they have a number of friends in common.

We recently added a new safeguard to Quick Add, our friend suggestion feature, to further protect 13 to 17 year olds. In order to be discoverable in Quick Add by someone else, users under 18 will need to have a certain number of friends in common with that person — further ensuring it is a friend they know in real life.

Snapchat is one of the best iPhone apps for sharing videos and photos but it has come under fire for the way it protects children. This latest move is aimed at improving matters there, with the company also saying that more details about improved parental controls will be made available over the next few months.

The same blog post also confirmed more action will be taken surrounding the promotion of drug use on the Snapchat platform. Steps are already being taken, with Snapchat saying that 88% of “drug related content we uncover is now proactively detected by our machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, with the remainder reported by our community.”

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