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Entity Framework DAL Generator is a .Net desktop application that generates entity framework data access layer for SQL Server database. This software makes the .Net development easy.

Click here if you need source code.
If you need C# DAL Generator without using Entity Framework (SQL Server/MS Access) then click here.
If you need C# DAL Generator for MySQL then click here.
If you need PHP Code Generator for MySQL/MySQLi/PDO then click here.

Video Demo

Click here to view video demo.


  • It generates separate classes for each table.
  • Data types have been handled nicely.
  • Creates methods for SCRUD (Search, Create, Read/Retrieve, Update and Delete/Destroy) operations.
  • Generates C# as well as VB.Net code.
  • Supports entity framework 4 and 6.
  • Methods can be added as extensions to entity classes.
  • Pagination has been handled.
  • Sorting has been handled.
  • Search has been handled.
  • Primary key is automatically detected for each table.
  • Composite primary key is supported.
  • Completely indented code is generated.
  • Supports all data types of SQL Server that are supported by Entity Framework 4.0.
  • The generated code can be used in both desktop and web applications (ASP.Net Web Forms as well as MVC Application).
  • You need one copy per user and can use it for unlimited end products.

How To Use?

  • Create entity data model for your database.
  • Generate the data access layer classes.
  • Add these classes to your project.

Check the video tutorial for complete steps.

Sample Application:

A sample C# web application has also been provided that is using the generated code. In this application one form (for employees) has been created. This app uses the generated data access layer without modifying a single line in the generated code.

Generated Code:

  • C# Class: For each table one C#/VB.Net class is created that contains methods for SCRUD operations.
  • Add Method: It adds a new record to the relevant table.
  • Update Method: It updates an existing record. It takes primary key columns values as parameters.
  • Delete Method: It deletes an existing record. It takes primary key columns values as parameters.
  • Get Method: It gets an existing record. It takes primary key columns values as parameters.
  • GetAll Method: It gets all records of the relevant table. You can also specify search columns. If sorting/pagination is enabled then the relevant code will also be generated.

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