Cupid love is a dating web application that enables the user to find other users based on location and allows the user to like or dislike to chat and send a date request if both parties like each other.

Cupid love – Dating web application is a magnificent set developed to inspire your next Dating website design, and it’s totally based on modern design standards. We have included the best practice of web development.

The application has commented HTML, CSS and PHP code for each section, so you can easily adapt your website to suit your needs. Unique designs, captivating sliders, and innovative website building tools work seamlessly to boost your business online.

Cupid Love Dating Web Application - 1
Cupid Love Dating Web Application - 2

Cupid Love Web Application Main Feature List:-

  1. Like
  2. Match
  3. Chat
  4. Date Request
  5. Registration
  6. Profile And Preference

Cupid Love Web Application Demo

  1. Primary demo in English languge : CupidLove

    Test the Admin Panel Demo:Click Here
    Login: [email protected]
    Password: 123456789

    Test application for chat and date request using Matched Users Credentials
    1. [email protected] / 123456789
    2. [email protected] / 123456789

  2. Secondary demo in French language : LoveDestiny
  3. Secondary demo in Arabic language (RTL) : LoveDove

3 easy steps to configure the Web Application

  1. How to set up AWS XMPP Server?
  2. How to get google api key?
  3. How to install web application?

Why we choose XMPP ejabberd server for the chat?

We chose XMPP ejabberd server for chat functionality for apparent reasons, it’s a well-developed and maintained protocol with widespread acceptance and lots of off the shelf solutions, Which is efficient real-time message passing as well as easy to install/configure.

How to install and configure Ejabberd XMPP server for the chat?
Please click here for the video tutorial.

Why do we recommend AWS hosting?

You can configure the application on Cloud or Shared or VPS hosting server; It must allow 5222 and 5269 ports for chat purpose.

Currently, AWS EC-2 is giving free tier for one year which is the best option for mapping to its performance. Click here to see how much affordable AWS pricing.

Requirements For Web Application

  1. Amazon AWS Hosting
  2. PHP 7.0+
  3. MYSQL 5.7+
  4. Enable mod_rewrite
  5. Enable MySQLi extension
  6. Enable gd Library
  7. Google Place API Key
  8. Enable 5280 Port

Requirements For XMPP based Chat Server

  1. Ejabberd XMPP Server
  2. Hosted on Amazon AWS

Cupid Love Web Application Other Feature List:-

  1. Login/Sign up with Facebook
  2. Login/Sign up with Email
  3. Email Verification
  4. Users Profile:- User can update his Details and upload images
  5. Users Preferences:- (Age, Distance, Date Preferences, Male-Female, etc.)
  6. Other user Profile Details
  7. Location Change:- User can change his/her location from around the world.
  8. Likes – Dislikes
  9. Friends ( Users like each other)
  10. Chat
  11. Date Preferences User can send date request to match the user.
  12. Block System User can block other users
  13. Forgot Password
  14. Report User

Cupid Love Admin Panel Feature List

  1. Powerful Admin Panel
  2. Informative Dashboard
  3. Registration Statistics on Dashboard
  4. Search and view the Users profile
  5. Edit user’s profile
  6. Sample data included
  7. Enable-Disable Sample data
  8. Bulk Edit Sample data fields such as address, gender, age, etc.
  9. View Block Users Request
  10. Unblock Users
  11. CMS

For Customization and Configuration Service

Cupid Love Product Family

  1. Cupid Love – Dating App UI Kit
  2. Cupid Love Dating Android Native Application
  3. Cupid love iOS Native Application
  4. CUPID LOVE – Dating Website PSD Template
  5. CUPID LOVE – Dating Website HTML5 Template
  6. Cupid Love Dating Web Application


V-1.1 [23-03-2020]

Fixed: Online status change issue is resolved.
Fixed: Edit and Trash icon was not showing in the chat message.
Fixed: Testimonial section design issue is resolved.
Fixed: Username not showing in the chat page.
Fixed: Image uploading issue in the Gallery page.

V-1.2 [25-06-2020]

Fixed: Comming soon banner image upload resolved.
Fixed: Blog Image quality issue resolved.
Fixed: Admin Sidebar tabs are activate after clicked.
Fixed: Blog short description not showing proper issue resolved.
Fixed: Image uploading with freach name issue resolved.