Crypto Casino - 75 Ball Bingo

About 75 Ball Bingo Add-on

75 Ball Bingo is an add-on game for the Crypto Casino application.
This game can not be installed and used on its own without having Crypto Casino purchased and installed first.

How to play 75 Ball Bingo?

A bingo card has 5 rows and 5 columns. Each space contains a unique random number from 1 to 75. The “B” column has numbers 1 – 15. The “I” column has numbers 16 – 30. The “N” column has numbers 31 – 45. The “G” column has numbers 46 – 60. The “O” column has numbers 61 – 75.

The bingo card is created after you place a bet. Immediately after that a set of 35 unique numbers (1 to 75) is generated. The goal is to match numbers on the bingo card with the generated numbers to complete a certain pattern (such as row, column, diagonal etc). The center space (marked with star) is considered automatically filled.

75 Ball Bingo Features

Game features

  • Patterns: row, column, diagonal and cross (2 diagonals)
  • Ability to set bet amount
  • Ability to turn sound on / off
  • Full screen mode

Provably fair

When you open the game page the server generates a secret and a seed and reveals its hash (using HMAC SHA256 algorithm). The server secret represents a list of 35 unique random numbers from 1 to 75. The server seed is a cryptographically secure random alpha-numeric string. The hash of these 2 strings helps to ensure that the initial roll of random numbers is not altered after you make a bet. After the game is finished the server secret and the server seed are revealed, so you can easily calculate and verify the hash.

When you play a game you can pass an extra custom string – client seed (if it’s not specified a random number is automatically generated by your browser). The server will then calculate another hash using the server secret, the server seed and the client seed. The last 5 chars of this hash (representing a hexadecimal value) will be converted to an integer. The result number will be used to adjust each of the 35 numbers generated before the game. Because the client seed can not be predicted by the server the adjustment is completely random and hence you can be sure that the game result is fair.

To check that a game you played was fair go to History >> My games page, select a game and click Verify button.

Game settings

A casino administrator can:

  • Set min and max bet amount
  • Set default bet amount
  • Set bet increment / decrement amount
  • Set different payout for each pattern

Demo environment

Please sign up at Crypto Casino to test the application.
You can use the following credentials to check the backend features:

user: [email protected], password: admin

System requirements


75 Ball American Bingo Add-on for Crypto Casino - 1


v1.1.0 - 12 January 2020
- Ability to manually input the bet amount.

v1.0.2 - 16 October 2019
- New color schemes support.
- New preloader image.

v1.0.1 - 08 October 2019
- Minor interface fixes.

v1.0.0 - 09 August 2019
- Initial release.