Price: $10.75 - $9.84
(as of Jan 17, 2022 03:53:14 UTC – Details)

Compatible Tv Models :
(32″) – 32LJ550B, 32LJ550B-UA, 32LJ550M, 32LJ550M-UB
(43″) – 43UJ6050, 43UJ6050-UC, 43UJ6200, 43UJ6200-UA, 43UJ6300, 43UJ6300-UA, 43UJ6350, 43UJ6350-UC, 43UJ6500-UB, 43UJ6560-UF
(49″) – 49LJ550M, 49LJ550M-UB, 49LJ5500, 49LJ5500-UA, 49LJ5550, 49LJ5550-UC 49UJ6050, 49UJ6050-UC, 49UJ6200, 49UJ620M, 49UJ620M-UA, 49UJ6200-UA, 49UJ6300, 49UJ6300-UA, 49UJ6350, 49UJ6350-UC, 49UJ6500-UB, 49UJ6560-UF
(55″) – 55LJ550M, 55LJ550M-UB, 55LJ5500, 55LJ5500-UA, 55LJ5550, 55LJ5550-UC 55UJ6050, 55UJ6050-UC, 55UJ6200, 55UJ6200-UA, 55UJ6300, 55UJ6300-UA, 55UJ6350, 55UJ6350-UC, 55UJ6520, 55UJ6520-UD, 55UJ6540, 55UJ6540-UB, 55UJ6580, 55UJ6580-UE
(60″) – 60UJ6050, 60UJ6050-UC, 60UJ6300, 60UJ6300-UA, 60UJ6350, 60UJ6350-UC, 60UJ6540, 60UJ6540-UB
(65″) – 65UJ6050, 65UJ6050-UC, 65UJ6200, 65UJ6200-UA, 65UJ6300, 65UJ6300-UA, 65UJ6350, 65UJ6350-UC, 65UJ6520-UD, 65UJ6540-UB, 65UJ6580-UE
(70″) – 70UJ6520-UA, 70UJ6570-UB, 70UJ657A-UC
(75″) – 75UJ6470-UC, 75UJ6520-UA, 75UJ657A-UB

Part type: TV Remote Control
AAA Batteries not included
Part Number: AKB75095307