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This high quality OEM LG 4413ER1003B Rotor Assembly is manufactured to exact specifications with durable materials and will fit a variety of LG Washing Machine models. Offering security and reliability that your LG Washing Machine will function correctly. Please be aware that if the magnets on the rotor are damaged, or if any part of the rotor is defective, the washer may not spin or agitate. Compatible Models: LFX25974ST, LFX28978ST, LFX28979SW, LMX28988ST/04, LFX25991ST, 71056, GRL258VQXZ, GRL258VSXZ, GRL258VVXZ, GRL288NQJP, GRL288NSJP, GRL288NTXP, GRL288NVJP, GRL28ANQPP, GRL28ANSPP, GRL28ANVPP, LFX21976ST, LFX25973SB, LFX25973ST, LFX25973SW, LFX25974SB, LFX25974SW, LFX25976SB, LFX25976ST, LFX25976SW, LFX28978SB, LFX28978SW, LFX28978WH, LFX28979SB, LFX28979ST, LFX28991ST, LFX31925SB, LFX31925ST, LFX31925SW, LFX31935ST, LMX25986SB, LMX25986ST, LMX25986SW, LMX28988SB, LMX28988ST, LMX28988ST/01, LMX28988ST/02, LMX28988SW, LMX31985ST, LSFD2591ST, LSFS213ST, LMX28994ST, LSMX211ST, LFX28995ST, LFX31945ST
This LG AEQ73110205 is a genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part manufactured to exact specifications. Fits some LG LFX and LMX-series bottom-freezer refrigerators, it also fits some Kenmore and Kenmore Elite 795-series bottom-freezer refrigerators
Replacement Ice Maker Assembly for LG brand Refrigerators
This OEM LG AEQ73110205 Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly is the version with smaller white wire connector with 6 wires in it. The ice maker receives water from the water inlet valve and then holds the water in the ice mold until the water freezes solid. It then automatically ejects the ice and refills to continue the process until the ice storage in is full. This ice maker is designed to produce more than 100 cubes in 24 hours
High quality OEM LG AEQ73110205 Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly is manufactured with premium materials for durabilty and exact fit, be sure to follow instructions from installation manual when installing this part
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