Price: $29.00
(as of Jan 16, 2022 15:20:15 UTC – Details)

Optimized for small, medium and large presentation environments, the ResponseCard RF (Radio Frequency) keypad takes advantage of the latest in audience response technology advancements. The ResponseCard RF clicker provides features and functionality that ensure responses from 10 to 1000’s are accurately, timely and effortlessly transmitted to the presenter.Our patented design immediately gathers real-time feedback from participants. ResponseCard RF clickers are compact in size to allow for easy transportation from room to room or around the globe for optimum portability. The lightweight, rugged, durable ResponseCard has been rigorously tested in classroom environments. The result is optimized portability. ResponseCard RF is compatible with TurningPoint assessment software.
No ResponseCard clickers include a license. Most classes do not use paid software and this is not necessary, so Turning Technologies does not include it with all clickers. It must be purchased separately through your school’s affiliated Turning Technologies store. You do not need a license unless your professor specifically says you do.
Lightweight, compact, grey “credit card” format.
Answer Key – answer transmitted automatically. Deep sleep mode when not in use.
Durable, rugged case ensures maximum longevity under extreme condition *
200 foot range (400 ft coverage) – Select a channel in less than five seconds, indicating session choice – Select a channel anytime – even when a session is underway
Average battery life is 6 to 12 months (takes 2 CR2032 coin batteries)